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Fine French Chocolate


Chocosphere offers many fine French Chocolates to please your palate. Sample products from Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Pralus, and more.

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  1. Cacao Barry Pepites Cacao Zephyr Caramel 800g

    Cacao Barry Pepites Cacao Zephyr Caramel 800g


    Out of stock

    Caramelized cacao nibs covered in caramelized white chocolate.
    Special Order Only.
    Cacao Barry's Pepites Cacao Zephyr Caramel is crunchy caramelized cocoa nibs covered with Cacao Barry's unique Zéphyr Caramel 35% cacao caramelized white chocolate. These delicious covered nibs make an attractive and crunchy decoration on pastries and cakes, and are delicious eaten out of hand. Packed in a factory sealed re-closable canister. 800g / 1.76 lbs net weight. Learn More
  2. Cacao Barry Cacao Barry Cacao Nibs in a Reclosable Bucket

    Cacao Barry Cocoa Nibs 1Kg in Reclosable Bucket


    Roasted cocoa bean pieces.
    These wonderful Cacao Barry Cacao Nibs are roasted bits of cocoa beans. With a very intense flavor, these cocoa nibs make a wonderful addition to your favorite recipe. Try them when you want a crunchy, cocoa flavor as part of your creation! Non-Meltable, can by shipped by ground all year. 1 Kg / 2.2 lb, original Cacao Barry reclosable bucket. Learn More
  3. Valrhona Valrhona Batons 5.3g 48% Cacao

    Valrhona Batons 1.6 Kg


    Semi-Sweet Batons, 300 pcs 5.3g ea, 48% cacao.
    Valrhona Batons, Semi-sweet, 48% Cocoa dark chocolate sticks. Now in an easier to use format, each Valrhona baton is extruded in a rounded shape that will not cut into the pastry, and has a balanced cocoa taste. Use Valrhona's Batons to make fantastic Pain au Chocolat and other pastries in which you would like a chocolate center! 1.6Kg/3.5 lb box Learn More

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