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I was working for the Feds and Jerry was in the family clothing business. A friend (evil but nevertheless a friend) was bringing us chocolate from Belgium (Côte d'Or). Since I was never a fan of chocolate, it totally blew my mind and I became dependent on his less and less frequent travels for a high tech company. Then two things happened that changed my life forever. My job with the government was abolished and our evil friend stopped traveling to Belgium.

I told Jerry that I was too young to retire and that we should start an Internet chocolate business. This was in 1997. My honey very nicely told me that I was out of my mind and that we would eat, sleep and breathe chocolate 24/7.

We started on line in the fall of 1998 and although we don't breathe chocolate all the time, I must admit that I just finished a piece of vintage El Rey San Joaquin and I very often dream about chocolate and most of my dreams are in sepia color.

Coming soon - the rest of the story.

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