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  1. Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian White Chocolate with Roasted Corn Buttons 2.5Kg Bag

    Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian White Chocolate with Roasted Corn Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Innovative white chocolate.

    An innovation in white chocolates, the result of the combination of the creaminess of the milk, the traditional taste of organic panela and the authentic and distinctive flavor of Andean roasted corn. Its toffee and caramel notes come form the delicate milk caramelization process that, combined with a pinch of salt and the flavor profile of cane sugar syrup, creates a balanced taste, highlighting roasted corn notes. The caramel color combined with this chocolate’s fluidity and versatility, makes it an ideal profile for the creation of innovative recipes.

    Flavor Notes:
    • Roasted Corn
    • Toffee
    • Fresh Milk
    • Cereal
    • Caramel
    • Pinch of Salt

    Net wt. 2.5Kg/5.5lbs.

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  2. Republica del Cacao Ecuador 55% High‑Fluidity Cacao Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador 55% High‑Fluidity Cacao Buttons 16½Lb Bag


    Dark chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    Formulated for enrobing or molding.

    Chocolate made from fine flavor “Nacional” cacao from Ecuador. Four-drop fluidity, ideal for molding and enrobing, this 55% dark chocolate has a subtle taste with toasty notes and soft spices.

    Composition: Sugar: 43%; Cacao Butter: 16.51%; Total Fat: 37%.

    Net wt.: 16½Lbs / 7.5Kg.

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  3. Republica del Cacao Ecuador 40% Cacao Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador 40% Cacao Caramelized Milk Chocolate Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Milk chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    Ecuador 40% milk chocolate is dark in color, offering great contrast with most other chocolates. It has warm and complex caramel flavors which complement the pure Nacional Arriba flavors incredibly well. Its finale reveals notes of honey, grilled nuts and warm biscuits. There is no added flavoring whatsoever, only pure, natural and authentic goodness. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More
  4. Republica del Cacao Ecuador White Chocolate Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador White Chocolate Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    White chocolate 2.3g buttons.

    This is the first Ecuador-Origin white chocolate. All of the ingredients are sourced locally in Ecuador; Cacao & pure cane sugar are grown in the coastal plains next to the Pacific Ocean. The milk is produced by a small farming community in the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano near Quito. This unique milk has a natural sweetness and a great fresh cream taste. "Mooooohh".

    Repùblica del Cacao's new Origin Ecuador White is very creamy, & seems almost slightly salty at first, its flavor is then reminiscent of fresh hazelnut and it finishes with a touch of natural vanilla. They were careful to use as little sugar as possible. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More

  5. Republica del Cacao Republica del Cacao Ecuador 65% Dark Couverture Chocolate

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador 65% Cacao Buttons 16.5 Lb Bag


    Dark chocolate 2.3g buttons. Factory package is a sealed translucent bag and varies from the photo.
    This is a powerful and long lasting chocolate. Fruity, toasty and a little spicy, with notes of natural vanilla. At first it displays some acidity followed immediately by notes of tropical and candied fruits. Its powerful structure gives it a long lasting finish.
    “Panela”, a traditional organic brown sugar produced in the jungle near Quito by local sugar cane farmers, bursts into the chocolate and complements its final taste of nuts.
    Extra “Arriba” cocoa butter has been added to Ecuador 65%, making it a fluid chocolate coverture that can be used for enrobing or hand dipping as well as molding. Net wt. 16.5lbs/7.5Kg. Packaged in a factory sealed translucent plastic bag, which varies from the photo. Learn More
  6. Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian Cocoa Butter Shavings - 1.5Kg Bag

    Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian Cocoa Butter Shavings - 1.5Kg Bag


    Out of stock

    Cacao butter for fluidity & gloss enhancement.

    Pure Cacao Butter made exclusively from cacaos harvested in Ecuador. Deodorized, its non-predominant notes of cacao make a great companion to the taste of your final creations. Adding this product to your recipes will improve their fluidity and gloss. Fine shavings for easy portion control and to avoid waste. Net wt.: 1.5Kg / 3.3Lbs.

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  7. Republica del Cacao Republica del Cacao Ecuador-Dominican Republic 70% Cacao Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador-Dominican Republic 70% Cacao Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Out of stock

    Dark chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    This 70% cacao dark chocolate is made by blending fine flavor cacao from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican beans' fruity characteristic combined with the roasted notes of Ecuadorian cacao creates a chocolate of balanced acidity and bitterness, ending in light notes of dry nuts and yellow fruits with a powerful chocolate taste. It is a versatile chocolate for pastry applications and perfect fluidity for enrobing. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More

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