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  1. Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador- 50g Bar

    Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador- 50g Bar

    Delicate notes of white flowers. 70% Cocoa, 1.76oz/50g net wt.
    The Hacienda Victoria is located in Ecuador, on land that has been considered sacred for millennia. An ideal climate and sustainable crop management allow for a production of cacao with a fruity aroma and powerful chocolate flavour. Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador is made from pure Arriba National cacao, free of CCN51 contamination, in the recovery of ancient tradition of cultivating the "fruit of the gods". During tasting it unfolds an extreme elegance with a touch of white flowers. Dark bittersweet chocolate, 100% cacao. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  2. Venchi Venchi Ecuador 100% Cacao Single Origin Bio Chocolate Bar

    Venchi Single Origin Ecuador “Bio” 100% Bar - 70g

    E.U. Organic, no USDA stamp, 100% cacao unsweetened dark
    Two sealed 35g bars per package
    Venchi "Bio" Ecuador Single-Origin 100% Cacao dark chocolate bar. This bar is organic certified in the E.U. but does not bear a USDA stamp. The best cacao blends of Fino Aromatico (Criollo Blanco and Nacional Amendolado) have been used to create this utterly unique line of extra dark chocolate bars with a fruity characteristic and notes of roasted cacao. This product is part of Venchi's Organic Project for a new social model incorporating an integrated supply chain. Two 35g individually sealled bars per package, 70g/2.47oz net wt. total. Learn More
  3. Venchi Ecuador 100% Squares - EU Bio Organic

    Venchi Ecuador - “Bio” 100% Tasting Square - 6.6g

    Individually wrapped square
    European Organic, no USDA organic marking, 100% dark chocolate squares. Premium Fino Aromatico, Criollo Blanco and Nacional Amendolato Ecuador-origin cacaos. Net wt 6.6g per individually-wrapped piece. Learn More
  4. Marana Cusco Dark Chocolate Bar - 100% Cacao - 70g

    Marana Cusco Dark Chocolate Bar - 100% Cacao - 70g

    Single-origin Peruvian 100% cacao dark chocolate bar.
    The Cusco collection is made from the finest "Chuncho" variety cacao beans grown in the fertile valleys of Quillabamba. With this chocolate you will experience an intense, nutty flavor that will transport you to the magical land of the Incas. Net wt: 70g / 2.5oz. Learn More
  5. Original Beans Original Beans Cusco Chuncho 100% Bar 70g

    Original Beans Cusco Chuncho Bar 70g


    Dark 100% cacao, Peru EU Organic BIO cert.
    Original Beans Cusco Chuncho Bar. Mighty Dark 100% Cacao, Sacred Cusco Valley, Peru. Notes of dried flowers and grass mark the absolute altitude of this Rarest of Rare cacao, a singular offering from the lands of the mighty condor, believed by the Incas to be powerful enough to fly to the heavens. Net wt: 2.46oz/70g. Learn More
  6. Domori Cacao Criollo 100% 25g Bar

    Domori Criollo 100% 25g Bar

    Unsweetened, Criollo cacao
    Domori 100% Criollo cacao unsweetened chocolate bar. A blend of Domori's Criollo cocoa varieties, which creates a unique sensory experience. The persistence and balance are perfect, the flavour nuances are endless. Perfect for those who want to explore the authentic nature of criollo cacao with no sweeteners or other additions. Domori's minimal processing lets the flavor of these Criollo beans shine through. 100% Cocoa, 0.9oz/25g net wt. Learn More
  7. Domori Domori Criollo 90% 25g Bar

    Domori Criollo 90% 25g Bar

    Exalting notes of dried fruit with an extraordinary persistence
    Domori Criollo 90% bar, Exalting notes of dried fruit with an extraordinary persistence. Excellent balance, not very sweet. 90% Cocoa, 0.9oz/25g net wt. Learn More
  8. Venchi Venchi Venezuela 100% Cacao Single Origin Chocolate Bar

    Venchi Single Origin Venezuela 100% Bar - 70g

    100% Cacao Unsweetened Dark
    Two sealed 35g bars per package.
    Venchi Venezuela Single-Origin 100% Cacao dark chocolate bar. The “Venezuela Full Taste” 100% cacao dark chocolate bar is made with Fino Aromatico cacao only, which comes with a very distinctive aromatic complexity and notes of red fruit, ripe red cherry, and cream. The entire production process, from fermentation to roasting and conching, is carefully overseen and neither soya lecithin nor vanilla are added to the mix to enhance the overall clean taste, though traces of soy may be present. The wrapper’s graphics features the chocolate tasting notes and its origins (Ocumare). 85% dark chocolate bar also available. Two individually sealed 35g bars per package, 70g/2.47oz net wt. total. Learn More
  9. Guido Gobino Guido Gobino Cialdine 100% Venezuela Ocumare Cacao Mass

    Guido Gobino Venezuela Ocumare 100% Cialdine - 4.3g


    Unsweetened cacao. Individually wrapped piece
    Guido Gobino selected an extraordinary Venezuela quality cacao for realizing this special Dark Chocolate Cialdina. No addition of sugar, or vanilla or soy lecithin. This chocolate is simply one of the most precious cacao quality in the world, labored from scratch (starting from the beans) directly in Guido Gobino's chocolate factory.

    This Cialdina is typical for its predominant cacao and roasted notes and has a well balanced flavor, where the little acidity gets perfectly together with the floral and nuts notes. This chocolate is dedicated to dark chocolate lovers and it pairs very well with Rhum and distilled spirits. Net wt.4.3g Learn More
  10. Venchi 100% Cacao Mini Tasting Square - Made with Venezuelan Cacao

    Venchi 100% Mini-Square - 3g


    Dark, individually wrapped piece, Venezuela cacao
    Venchi 100% Mini Square. Made with pure Venezuelan cacao in a little bite. Venchi mini squares are the perfect treat for when you just need to have a little pick me up. Net Weight 3g Learn More

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