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The origins of Domori go back to 1993. That is when Domori began a search of the world's cocoa growing regions to find the best varieties of cocoa for making chocolate. From those humble beginnings has grown a dedication by Domori to restoring the diversity of cocoa in a way that is respectful of man and the environment. Domori has a unique approach to their chocolate, selecting and roasting cocoa carefully and in small batches, processing it as little as possible, and performing some operations by hand that others do by machine. The result is that Domori makes Italian chocolate with the unique, genuine taste and aroma of the cacao.

A more detailed introduction to Domori Chocolate can be found in this document.

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  1. Domori Domori-Prestat Chocolate Egg Assortment Box

    Domori 10-MiniEgg Gift Box - 130g

    Five Flavor Gift Box of Domori-Prestat Wrapped Chocolate Eggs

    An attractive gift box containing five flavors of wrapped chocolate mini-eggs, two of each:

    • Green Wrapper → Milk Chocolate, Lemon and Earl Grey Tea
    • Violet Wrapper → Dark Chocolate and Raspberry
    • Blue Wrapper → Plain Milk Chocolate
    • Orange Wrapper → Milk Chocolate and Orange
    • Gold Wrapper → Plain Dark Chocolate

    Manufactured in Great Britain by Domori's sister company Prestat using Domori fine chocolate. Net wt. 130g / 4.6oz

    Learn More
  2. Domori Amor di Cacao Box of Chocolate Hearts

    Domori Amor di Cacao Chocolate Hearts Gift Box – 60g

    Gift box of milk and dark chocolate hearts.
    Fine milk chocolate (36% cacao) and dark chocolate (56% cacao) hearts finely crafted by Domori for the "love of cacao" and those who find love in chocolate! Net weight 60g / 2.12oz. Learn More
  3. Domori Scrigno Domori Single Origin Gift Box

    Domori Single Origin Scrigno Domori Gift Box – 150g

    Stylish gift box with 6 Premium 25g Single Origin Dark Bars, 70% Cacao.
    Six Cru that evoke aromas and scents of distant lands, persistent aromatic and fruity bouquets, sweet and rounded, depending on the origin of the cocoa that gives each one its character. Within each treasure chest, the story of the Single Origins draws a map of infinite shades for a unique yet always different palatal experience. Total net wt. 150g/5.3oz. Learn More
  4. Domori Scrigno Domori Assorted Gift Box – 450g

    Domori Scrigno Domori Assorted Gift Box – 450g


    Gift box of 18 premium 25g bars, Criollo, Trinitario/Cru, D-Fusion
    The perfect gift for a serious chocolate lover!
    An assortment of the Domori collections (Criollo, Trinitario, D-Fusion) in an elegant case. Eighteen 25g bars are included, typically :
    * Criollo bars Canoabo, Puertofino, Puertomar, Chuao, Guasare, Porcelana, Criollo 90%
    * Trinitario/Cru bars Ecuador, Tanzania, Colombia, Madagascar, Peru, Venezuela
    * D-Fusion bars Biancomenta, Peperoncino, Crema di Latte, Lattesal, Te Matcha.
    A gorgeous treasure that begs to be jealously guarded. Net wt. 450g/15.9oz. (We may substitute bars of equal or greater value and you may get duplicates should we run out of the listed bars above.) Learn More
  5. Domori Scrigno Domori Criollo Gift Box

    Domori Criollo Scrigno Domori Gift Box – 150g

    Stylish gift box with 6 Premium 25g Criollo Dark Bars, 70% Cacao.
    All the fragrance and aromas of Criollo in six varieties, each one with its own unique and inimitable personality. To fully appreciate the nuances of each bar, one should be able to recognise them: within each treasure chest, the Domori leaflet guides one through the taste experience and invites one to discover the rarest and most precious cocoa in the world. Total net wt. 150g/5.3oz. Learn More
  6. Domori Domori Gift box of Single Origin Wrapped Chocolate Squares

    Domori Single Origins Napolitains Gift Box 169g

    Dark 70% cacao, individually wrapped
    Domori Single-Cru Square Assortment Gift box. Domori dedicates this box to the lovers of synthesis. An elegant small box with 6 individually wrapped squares of each Single Cru: Apurimac, Hacienda Victoria Arriba, Morogoro, Sambirano, Sur del Lago and Teyuna. Six different aromatic notes you can always take along. Each Cru has an identity and personality of its own. 36 pieces each square is 4.7g., net wt. 169g/5.96oz. Learn More

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