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Warm Weather Packaging Information

Chocosphere delivers premium chocolate in premium condition!

We provide shipping choices to get your chocolate to the destination in excellent shape, even in warm


Chocosphere will stand behind you should the chocolate arrive damaged in any way due to actions of the shipping company. Just let us know of any problem, and we will do our best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. Chocosphere cannot be responsible for damage if you (or the recipient of a gift) are not present at time of delivery and the damage occurs as a result of the delay in claiming the package.

We highly recommend shipping to an address where someone will be able to receive the package when delivered.

Chocolate left outside your home all day may be damaged by weather that is too hot, cold, rainy or humid. Suggestion: If you are shipping to someone's home and they will be at work during the day, consider shipping the chocolate to the recipient at their office.

An option to use "Warm‑Weather Packaging" is available when you choose Postal Priority Mail, 2nd Day and Overnight shipping to any U.S. destination, and for Ground shipping where the destination is three days or less distant from our warehouse.

If we feel it is needed to allow your chocolate to arrive in good condition, we will enclose your shipment in Warm‑Weather Packaging (a styrofoam box with gel ice) at no additional charge. If you would like us to use this warm-weather packaging unconditionally, please add our Warm Weather Packaging product to your cart. This product can be found by pulling down the Gifts & Packaging menu, and selecting the Warm Weather Packaging item. Please note that addtional charges will apply.

While this packaging can help your chocolate shipment cope with warm weather, there are limits and we reserve the right to delay shipment when we feel your chocolate may be damaged. Please indicate your preference regarding Warm‑Weather Packaging on the "Checkout" page of the web site, and provide any special instructions in the "Comments" area of the "Checkout" page.