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50% - 60% Cacao Products

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  1. Guittard /

    Guittard 'French Vanilla' Semisweet Couverture Discs - 50lb


    Out of stock

    Dark, 54% cacao, distinct vanilla character.
    Special Order Only, Contact Chocosphere.
    Guittard "French Vanilla" Semisweet Dark Chocolate. Guittard's signature blend of the finest beans produces a rich and robust chocolate with a distinct vanilla character, medium dark in color, 54% cocoa. 50 lbs of wafers per blox. Learn More
  2. Cafe-Tasse Dark Almond Praline with Yuzu Bar 45g

    Cafe-Tasse Dark Almond Praline with Yuzu Bar 45g

    Dark, almond praline, and yuzu chocolate bar.
    Cafe-Tasse Belgian dark chocolate with almond praline and yuzu filling. Yuzu is a tart, fragrant Asian citrus fruit with a unique flavor. 60% Cocoa. Net wt.45g/1.58oz. Learn More
  3. Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Dark chocolate with Calabrian Chili Pepper
    The Peperoncino bar is a classic combination enhanced by Domori, combining fine Teyuna cacao with Calabrian hot chili pepper. Nutty notes, followed by a pleasant spiciness. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  4. Valrhona Oriado 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Oriado 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 60% cacao, blend from Dominican Republic and Peru
    Valrhona "Oriado" Feves. ORIADO Noire is a unique Valrhona Blended Origins Grand Cru chocolate made of cocoa beans from Peru and the Dominican Republic. ORIADO features a balanced profile, which first embodies the fullness and intensity of cacao, then gradually evolves into aromas of ripe and acidic fruit. Does not include recipe cards. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  5. Michel Cluizel Riachuelo Lait Bar - 70g

    Michel Cluizel Riachuelo Lait Bar - 70g

    Milk chocolate 51% cacao, Brazil

    Single-origin dark chocolate from the Riachuelo Plantation in Ilhéus, Brazil.

    Situated in the Bahia region in Brazil, the Riachuelo Plantation benefits from a lush environment, n the heart of the Atlantic Forest close to the ocean. The cocoa trees are cultivated with respect for the surrounding fauna and flora, composed of numerous exotic trees such as the Massaranduba or the Pau d’Arco.

    A creamy, tender texture, with sweet notes of milk, cream and caramel, mingling with notes of red fruits and cocoa, with a spicy and fresh lingering flavor. 51% cacao, net wt. 70g / 2.46oz.

    Learn More
  6. Cafe-Tasse Dark Raspberry Mini

    Cafe-Tasse Dark Framboise (Raspberry) Mini Tab - 9g


    Dark Chocolate with Dried Raspberry, 60% cacao.
    The Cafe-Tasse Dark Framboise Mini is a delightful pairing of their signature 60% cacao dark Belgian chocolate with tiny bits of dried raspberries. The fruity raspberry aroma is right there when you open the wrapper, and the tiny points of tart raspberry flavor hit your palate as the chocolate melts. Total net wt. 9g / 0.32oz.
    These little bars look like small relatives of Café-Tasse's 85g-100g full size bars, right down to the design of their attractive wrappers. Just the right size for that "pick me up" snack we all need from time to time, these Minis come in flavors that we are familiar with as well as some that are unique to these treats! Learn More
  7. Domori Morogoro 56% Couverture Discs – 5Kg

    Domori Morogoro 56% Couverture Discs – 5Kg


    Dark. Tanzanian cacao. 56% cacao content.
    In a small region of Tanzania, Domori has selected extraordinary varieties of cacao with an intense character and aromatic profile, in which what immediately stands out is a primary note of cacao. Net wt.: 5Kg/11lbs. Factory packaged in a Heavy Duty Re-closable bag. Learn More
  8. Valrhona Valrhona Kidavoa Milk 50% Double-Fermentation Chocolate 'Les Feves'

    Valrhona Kidavoa Milk 50% Double-Fermentation 'Les Feves' 1Kg


    Double-Fermentation Milk Chocolate, using Banana for the second fermentation. Repackaged.
    KIDAVOA 50% is a rich, complex milk chocolate with a forceful character from the very first bite featuring hints of dried banana. Its milky notes are enhanced by a touch of tartness which slowly reveal fruity aromas. These are followed by spicier, malty notes, which finally give way to cocoa-rich bitterness. 1 Kg/2.2 lb. bag 50% min. cocoa, 39% fat, 34% sugar, 15% Milk. Repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  9. Marana Cusco Milk Chocolate Bar - 50% Cacao - 70g

    Marana Cusco Milk Chocolate Bar - 50% Cacao - 70g

    Single-origin Peruvian 50% cacao milk chocolate bar.
    International Chocolate Awards World 2017 Silver Winner.

    The Cusco collection is made from the finest "Chuncho" variety cacao beans grown in the fertile valleys of Quillabamba. With this chocolate you will experience an intense, nutty flavor that will transport you to the magical land of the Incas. Net wt: 70g / 2.5oz. Learn More
  10. Gallette Coconut Milk Chocolate with Coconut Bar

    Gallette Coconut Milk Chocolate with Coconut Bar - 100g

    Milk Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk, Caramelized Coconut Flakes. 40% cacao, vegan.
    This vegan bean-to-bar milk chocolate is made with coconut milk and sprinkled with freeze-dried toasted caramelized coconut flakes. Made from Trinitario beans. 50% cacao, 100g/3.5oz. Learn More
  11. Original Beans Femmes de Virunga Bar 70g

    Original Beans Femmes de Virunga Bar 70g


    Milk 55% cacao, Congo, EU Organic BIO cert.
    Supporting women cacao farmers to preserve Africa's oldest nature park. Creamy notes of cappuccino and roasted nuts. Cocoa origin: Congo. Net wt: 2.46oz/70g Learn More
  12. Venchi  Rhum Cuneesi - Chocolate filled with Chocolate Rum Cream

    Venchi Rum Flavored Chocolate – 19g


    Individually wrapped Rum flavored chocolate piece.
    Each individually wrapped 19g piece has at its center a thick dark chocolate ganache, intensely flavored with rum and then enrobed with dark 56%-cocoa chocolate. These bold chocolates are perfect for someone who loves chocolate and rum! Net wt 19g Learn More
  13. Guittard Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate Chips, 1Kg, temporary, bloomed

    Guittard Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate Chips, 1Kg


    Organic & Fair-trade Dark, 55% cacao, 900 ct, Repackaged.
    The current batch has a haze on the surface of the chip as shown in the photo, which disappears when baked into a cookie.
    Guittard Organic & Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate Chips are of nice intensity at 55% cocoa. These 900 count per pound chips are the size of typical cookie chips and make a delicious inclusion to your baked goods recipes. 1Kg/2.2lb bag repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  14. Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate No-Sugar-Added Bar

    Chocolove XO Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate No-Sugar-Added Bar 3.2oz

    Crunchy almonds in rich dark chocolate.
    Dry roasted, crunchy almonds combine perfectly with sea salt crystals. The 'XO' in the product family name stands for eXtra fiber / zerO sugar added. Sweetened with chicory root fiber. Low in carbohydrates. Kosher-Dairy. Net wt 90g/3.2oz. Learn More
  15. Valrhona Pepites Noires Dark Cookie Chips

    Valrhona Pepites Noires Mini Dark Chocolate Chips 6Kg


    Dark mini-size chocolate cookie chips. 52% cacao.
    Valrhona's Pepites Noires are tiny dark chocolate cookie chips. These mini dark chocolate chips are great for all kinds of applications. Use in cookies of course, as an inclusion in pastries, or a decoration on top of a cake. Or, try as a topping on ice cream! Extra small, 7500/Kg, 3400/lb. Net wt. 6Kg/13.2 lb. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 206 total

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