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30% - 40% Cacoa Products

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  1. Valrhona Satilia Milk Les Feves 12Kg

    Valrhona Satilia Lactee Milk Chocolate 'Les Feves 12Kg


    35% cacao Couverture, blend
    Valrhona Satilia Lactee milk chocolate discs are designed to be an excellent coating chocolate at a reasonable price. Valrhona designed Satilia Lactee milk chocolate to have optimal fluidity for covering bonbons with a fine and uniform layer, and this chocolate is great for many other uses. The taste is of high quality milk chocolate, with a hint of biscuit and slight sweetness. Cocoa 35%, Milk 21%, Sugar 42%, Fat 36%. Net wt: 12kg / 26.4 lbs. Learn More
  2. Callebaut 845-NV Milk Block - 5Kg

    Callebaut 845-NV Milk Chocolate Block - 5Kg


    Out of stock

    34.1% cacao, blend. 3-Drop fluidity.
    The Callebaut 845NV Milk Chocolate bloc, 34.1% cacao, is distinctive with intense flavor, notes of caramel, and a full milky taste. This general-purpose chocolate is excellent for all your recipes that call for milk chocolate. Moderate-to-thin in viscosity (3-drop), it can be used for "medium" shell molding and dipping and many other applications. 5Kg / 11 lb bloc. Learn More
  3. Michel Cluizel Elianza Ivoire Mini-Grammes Bag - 1Kg

    Michel Cluizel Elianza Ivoire Mini-Grammes Bag - 1Kg


    White Couverture 33% cacao, blend, Repackaged.
    Michel Cluizel Elianza Ivoire Couverture. 33.5% cacao, 47% sugar, 38% fat. Couverture chocolates crafted for both ease of use and versitility! The fluidity, the exceptional shine, and the perfect taste balance of these couverture chocolates are perfect for the coating of chocolate bonbons and for molding. These couverture chocolates offer both great taste quality and a good price. The sunflower and/or colza lecithin (an emulsifier) used in these couvertures are Non- GMO. For easy handling, these couvertures are molded into "Mini-Gramme" format, smaller discs (about the size of a typical cookie chip) that make measuring and melting even easier! Net Wt.1Kg/2.2 Lb, repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  4. Chocolove Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

    Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups - 1.2oz

    Package of two milk chocolate almond butter cups
    Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. Creamy salted almond butter in premium 33% Cocoa Belgian milk chocolate. Classic European chocolate gives way to silky smooth, real organic salted almond butter filling. Serves up a new twist on a classic American taste. Same great Chocolove taste - now in cup form! Net wt. 1.2oz / 34g. Learn More
  5. Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry (Framboise) Les Feves

    Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry (Framboise) Les Feves 1Kg


    Intense gourmet flavor of raspberry confit that melts & tempers like chocolate. Repackaged.

    Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry (Framboise) builds on the innovation of Valrhona's Inspiration Line. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Inspiration Framboise has the texture and tempering qualities of a pure cocoa butter based chocolate, with vibrant color and the authentic and intense taste of Raspberry, a perfect balance between sweet, tart and fruity. Just think of all the new creations that can be made with this innovative confection!

    Use Valrhona's Inspiration Framboise Les Feves (discs) just like any other chocolate couverture. Because Inspiration Raspberry contains no water, the flavor is pure and concentrated. You can make colorful and delicious moldings, ganaches, and countless other preparations. Enjoy a melting and mouthfeel experience like chocolate, with a powerful raspberry flavor. Be inspired!

    Now made with sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of soy.

    1 Kg/2.2 lb. re-closable bag. Repackaged by Chocosphere.

    To get the most out of Inspiration products, view Valrhona's “INSPIRATION Tips Brochure” document. Includes tempering tips!

    Learn More
  6. Butlers Chocolate Butlers Honeycomb Crisp Milk Bar

    Butlers Chocolate Honeycomb Crisp Bar 100g

    Out of stock

    Sweet honeycomb and crispy rice combine with rich milk chocolate.
    Butlers Sweet honeycomb and crispy rice combine with rich milk chocolate to make a scrumptious treat. Net wt. 100g/3.52oz. Learn More
  7. Venchi Cioccolatte al Latte Fine Venchi milk chocolate bar - 100g

    Venchi Cioccolatte al Latte Extra Fine Milk Chocolate Bar - 100g

    Milk 31.8% cacao, blend
    Fine Venchi milk chocolate bar, 31.8% cacao. Premium cocoa and milk blends bar. Net wt.100g/3.5oz Learn More
  8. Auro 32% White Chocolate Mango Pili Bar - 60g

    Auro 32% White Chocolate Mango Pili - 60g

    Limited Edition Filipino White Chocolate infused with Philippine mangoes, with added buttery pili nuts.

    Auro's award-winning Limited Edition bar only uses the best Philippine mangoes infused with their own white chocolate made from directly sourced cacao. Auro combines it with rich, buttery pili nuts grown in the volcanic region of Bicol to bring you a unique flavor experience in this truly single-origin product. 60g / 2.1oz net wt.

    2019 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner.

    Learn More
  9. Callebaut Fair Trade 823-NV Milk Callets 1Kg

    Callebaut Fair Trade 823-NV Milk Callets - 1Kg


    33.6% cacao, Fair Trade, blend. 3-Drop fluidity. Repackaged
    Callebaut Fair Trade Milk chocolate (33.6% cocoa) Callets in "chocolate chip" form! This general-purpose chocolate is excellent for all your recipes that call for milk chocolate. And you don't have to shave or break this fairtrade chocolate into pieces because it's ready to use. Though they may melt down a little more than typical chips in baking, the flavor will be exceptional. Moderate in viscosity ("three-drop"), it is very versatile and can be used in most chocolate applications. 1Kg/2.2lbs. bag repackaged by Chocosphere Learn More
  10. Callebaut Gold Callets Bag 2.5Kg

    Callebaut Gold Callets Bag - 2.5Kg


    Out of stock

    White chocolate, made with caramelized sugar and milk.
    Callebaut Gold Callets offer a new caramel taste from this premier Belgian chocolate maker! Made with caramelized sugar and caramelized milk, Gold presents intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and a touch of salt. Gold has a pale amber color and a golden shade. Packaged in Callebaut's "Choclock" resealable bag. Net wt 2.5kg / 5.5lbs Learn More
  11. Valrhona Azelia 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Azelia 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Milk chocolate with Hazelnuts, 35% cacao, 13.6% hazelnuts

    Valrhona AZÉLIA is the perfect harmony between chocolate, milk, and hazelnuts. Notes of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts mingle elegantly in the mouth. Pure gourmet indulgence. - Net wt 3kg/6.6 lb. bag

    Cocoa 35 % min. Sugar 39 % Milk 20 %
    Fat 43 % Hazelnuts 13.6%  
    Learn More
  12. Chocolove Passion Fruit Filled Ruby Cacao Bar

    Chocolove Passion Fruit Filled Ruby Cacao Bar 3.2oz

    The tropical sweet-tart flavor of Passion Fruit balanced nicely with Ruby Cacao, 34% Cacao

    Fruity berry notes of ruby cacao are artfully balanced with the tropical sweet tart flavor of passion fruit, offering a smooth and truly unique tasting experience!

    Chocolove's Ruby Cacao bars are made from a new creation. It is not dark, milk, or white, but all new. In Europe this creation is known as "Ruby Chocolate", though the U.S. FDA has not approved such a designation for use in the United States.

    The ruby cacao that covers the passion fruit filling is totally natural, pink colored and made without added colors or fruit flavors. Ruby has a smooth mouth feel and flavor notes that are fresh, fruity and tart. 34% cocoa content. Kosher-Dairy, Net wt 87g/3.1oz per bar.

    Learn More
  13. Cafe-Tasse Milk/Coffee Napolitans Tasting Square - 5g

    Cafe-Tasse Milk/Coffee Napolitans Tasting Square - 5g


    33% cacao, Individually wrapped square
    Cafe-Tasse Belgian, Milk/Coffee Napolitans individually wrapped. 33% cocoa content. 5g net wt. Learn More
  14. D. Barbero Giandujotti Bag - 200g

    D. Barbero Giandujotti Bag - 200g

    Bag of wrapped traditional Italian gianduja pieces.
    A bag of Individually-wrapped pieces of that famous Italian specialty, gianduja. D. Barbero makes their giandujotti with a higher concentration of hazelnuts and cocoa to give their confection a more intense and aromatic taste. The perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnuts. Net wt. 200g / 7.05oz. Learn More
  15. Cacao Barry White “Zephyr” Pistoles

    Cacao Barry White “Zephyr” Pistoles (Discs) - 5Kg


    34% cacao, blend. 5-Drop fluidity. No Vanilla.
    New Smaller Discs, smaller
    than a dime.
    Cacao Barry White “Zephyr” Pistoles. This white chocolate is unique because it contains no vanilla. Less sweet white chocolate with an intense milk taste. Good for confectionery, pastry, and ice cream. Composition: 34% cocoa, 25.8% milk, 40.4% fat. Convenient reclosable bag. Net wt 5 kg / 11 lbs. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 97 total

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