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30% - 40% Cacoa Products

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  1. Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian White Chocolate with Roasted Corn Buttons 2.5Kg Bag

    Republica del Cacao Ecuadorian White Chocolate with Roasted Corn Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Innovative white chocolate.

    An innovation in white chocolates, the result of the combination of the creaminess of the milk, the traditional taste of organic panela and the authentic and distinctive flavor of Andean roasted corn. Its toffee and caramel notes come form the delicate milk caramelization process that, combined with a pinch of salt and the flavor profile of cane sugar syrup, creates a balanced taste, highlighting roasted corn notes. The caramel color combined with this chocolate’s fluidity and versatility, makes it an ideal profile for the creation of innovative recipes.

    Flavor Notes:
    • Roasted Corn
    • Toffee
    • Fresh Milk
    • Cereal
    • Caramel
    • Pinch of Salt

    Net wt. 2.5Kg/5.5lbs.

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  2. Domori Criollo Ocumare 38% Cacao Drops - 1Kg

    Domori Criollo Ocumare 38% Cacao Drops - 1Kg


    Pure Venezuelan cacao. 38% cacao content.

    Criollo cocoa, the finest in the world, has an inimitable aroma. The annual quantity of Criollo cocoa cultivation, which amounts to 0.01% of world cultivation, suggests the fragility, but at the same time the value and quality of this cocoa.

    The finest Venezuelan cocoa provides you with the best raw material for your recipes. The convenient 1 kg bag allows for the creation of exquisite desserts, with a unique aroma and roundness! 4-drop fluidity.

    Tasting Notes: Typical of milk chocolate with notes of caramel, tobacco, walnuts, papaya, undergrowth, mushrooms and dates.

    Net wt.: 1Kg / 2.2lbs.

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  3. Republica del Cacao Republica del Cacao Peru 38% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Peru 38% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Milk chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    The freshness of pure Peruvian Criollos combines here with the light, clean flavors of milk and finishing notes of smooth butterscotch. This milk chocolate is pale in color with a beautifully silky texture. The fine balance of this chocolate sets it apart from its competitors, as it does not have the heavy, often overbearing, notes of vanilla found in most other milk chocolates on the market today. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More
  4. Cordillera 36% Discs 5KG

    Cordillera 36% Discs 5KG


    Milk chocolate, Colombia
    Cordillera 36% Discs. The emergence from the chocolate flavor of nuts and red berry notes, fresh blueberries and vanilla, together with a soft note of chocolate are the characteristics that identify the 36%. Perfect for molding, enrobing, filling, mousse, ganache, glazes, ice cream, sauces, sorbets. Cacao content: 36%. Cacao origin: Colombia. Net wt. 5kg / 11 lb box Learn More
  5. Valrhona Andoa Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Andoa Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Milk Couverture, 39% Cacao, EU Organic, fair trade, blend

    Valrhona Andoa Lactee is a Milk chocolate, 39% Cocoa, 34% Sugar, 26% Milk Content. 41% Fat Content. For this Blend of Grands Crus, Valrhona has carefully selected the best organic and fair trade grown cocoa beans, blending delicate varieties to perfection creating Valrhona Andoa Lactée organic milk chocolate. This unique blend captivates the palate with seductive milky softness and tender chocolate sweetness, all enhanced by a hint a bitterness. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only.

    Now made with sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of soy.

    3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag. EU Organic, fair trade.

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  6. Domori Arriba 36% Couverture Discs – 5Kg

    Domori Arriba 36% Couverture Discs – 5Kg


    Out of stock

    Milk. Ecuadorian cacao. 36% cacao content.
    Arriba is a recent trinitario-type cacao hybrid. This cacao is grown in Ecuador, in the valley of the Arriba river. It has notes of flowers, caramel and cream. Net wt.: 5Kg/11lbs. Factory packaged in a Heavy Duty Re-closable bag. Learn More
  7. Republica del Cacao Ecuador 40% Cacao Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Ecuador 40% Cacao Caramelized Milk Chocolate Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Out of stock

    Milk chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    Ecuador 40% milk chocolate is dark in color, offering great contrast with most other chocolates. It has warm and complex caramel flavors which complement the pure Nacional Arriba flavors incredibly well. Its finale reveals notes of honey, grilled nuts and warm biscuits. There is no added flavoring whatsoever, only pure, natural and authentic goodness. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More

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