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  1. Guittard Syrup Pump

    Guittard Syrup Pump


    Heavy duty, reuseable pump.
    A heavy-duty, reuseable pump designed to be used with the large (7 lb, 13oz) containers of Guittard syrup. Can by shipped by ground all year. Learn More
  2. Ritual Chocolate Honeycomb Toffee Chocolate Bar 60g

    Ritual Chocolate Honeycomb Toffee Chocolate Bar 60g

    Honeycomb Toffee in Dark Chocolate

    Made with Belize 75% chocolate and topped with house-made honeycomb toffee. Utah is also known as The Beehive State, so Ritual Chocolate couldn’t resist making a chocolate bar that represents their state. For their toffee they use Utah-local Hollow Tree Honey, which is carefully sourced raw, wildflower honey from hives across the Wasatch Mountain range. This honey is full of floral, nectar flavors that are unique to the array of wildflowers growing in high altitude Utah. 60g / 2.12oz per bar.

    Learn More
  3. Chocosphere ChocoRoast #2 DeCaff Coffee

    Chocosphere Decaf Belgian Style Coffee Beans - ½ lb


    Dark Roast, Whole-Bean, Water-Processed Decaf

    When our "Belgian Connection" brought us the chocolate that led to the creation of Chocosphere, he brought something else too – the most wonderful dark-roast coffee beans. These beans made delicious espresso drinks and European-style coffee. Imagine our disappointment when the Belgian roaster refused to export our favorite coffee to the U.S!

    So, we contacted a nearby artisan coffee roaster, gave him an unopened bag of the beans and asked him to duplicate the flavor as closely as possible, which he accomplished beautifully. Then we asked for a decaf version of that delicious coffee, and volia, Decaf ChocoRoast Whole Bean Coffee!

    Decaffinated using the Swiss Water Process.

    Learn More
  4. Crow & Moss Dominican Republic Zorzal Chocolate Bar - 70g

    Crow & Moss Dominican Republic Zorzal Chocolate Bar - 70g

    Out of stock

    Dark Single-Origin Chocolate made with Dominican Cacao. 70% cacao.
    The organic, direct-trade beans for this bar come from the mountainous Reserva Zorzal, where the beans are grown, dried and fermented with meticulous attention to detail. The chocolate is a bold explosion of fruity sweetness with a well rounded finish. The chocolate possesses notes of cherries, caramel, and spice. 70% cacao. Net wt. 70g / 2.5oz. Learn More
  5. Chocosphere Just Chocolate Assortment - Regular

    Chocosphere Just Chocolate Assortment - Regular


    Assortment of fine chocolates.
    For the chocolate lover who just wants chocolate without a gift basket or gift bag presentation, Chocosphere offers the “Just Chocolate” Assortment. You pick the type of assortment, and we prepare a big selection of premium quality chocolates. If you have specific preferences, be sure to give us information in the "Comments" section of the final checkout page and we'll do our best to accommodate. A great value, since all of the money goes into the chocolate! Note for the Sugar-Free assortments: Please let us know in the the "Comments" section on the final checkout page if extremely low sugar 99% and 100% cocoa content selections can be included in the assortment. If you do not specify, we will not include these choices. Order one for your favorite chocophile, or treat yourself – It's a great introduction to the world of fine chocolates! Learn More
  6. Guittard Heritage Milk Chocolate Couverture Bloc 10 lb

    Guittard Heritage Milk Couverture Bloc - 10lb


    Out of stock

    Medium flavor, low viscosity, 32% cacao.
    Special Order Only.

    A low viscosity, light-colored chocolate with pleasant caramel notes. Formulated for molding or other situations requiring a thin coat. 10 lb per bloc, in original factory plastic wrapper (no box).

    Heritage blocs are sometimes sent to us cracked from Guittard's factory. If you want to give a fully intact Guittard 10 Lb milk chocolate bloc as a gift, we recommend Old Dutch, which comes inside a reinforcing cardboard box.

    Learn More
  7. Taza Chocolate 60% Cacao Baking Chocolate Pieces

    Taza Chocolate 60% Cacao Baking Bits - 1Kg Bag


    Medium-grit stone-ground organic baking chocolate. Repackaged.
    This chocolate imparts Taza's bold, intense stone ground flavor to your baked goods. A deliciously floral flavor profile, ideal for ganache, mousse, frosting, or the ultimate Taza Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Medium grit, USDA certified organic. 1Kg / 2.2bs bag. Learn More
  8. Guittard Guittard Cacao Noir Cocoa Powder (Dark) 4 lb Bucket

    Guittard Cacao Noir Dark Cocoa Powder - 4 lb Bucket


    Very dark, Low Fat, Full Dutch-process cacao powder.
    Guittard Cacao Noir Cocoa Powder. This is a very dark brown powder, known by some as "black cocoa powder", low fat fully dutch-processed cocoa powder as one might use to make things like those really dark sandwich cookies we've enjoyed, as well as other baking applications where a very dark color is desired. The chocolate flavor is mild due to the full dutching used to make this powder very dark. pH: 7.7-8.7. Fat: 10-12%. Net Wt: 4Lb. Factory packaged in a re-closable plastic bucket. Learn More
  9. Ritual Chocolate Après Chocolate Bar

    Ritual Chocolate Après Chocolate Bar 60g

    Champagne-infused dark chocolate with dried raspberries.
    The Ritual Chocolate Apres bar is uniquely made by soaking cacao nibs in sparkling white wine in a wine barrel, then grinding those nibs into chocolate and topping it off with dried raspberries. Net wt. 60g / 2.12 oz. Learn More
  10. Guittard Guittard Quevedo Ecuador 72% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers

    Guittard Quevedo Ecuador 72% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers - 25Lb box


    Out of stock

    Single Origin, Bittersweet 72% cacao
    Guittard's Quevedo Ecuador 72% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers are part of their Single Origin offerings. Guittard Ecuador is made with cacao from Hacienda Rancho Grande in Vinces. The chocolate has a nutty flavor with notes of roasted stone fruit, tobacco and tea tannins, balanced with a touch of astringency and a mild acid finish. Additional floral notes consisting of hints of dried cherries and bananas complement a flavorful chocolate base. Net wt. 11.34 Kg / 25 lb. Learn More
  11. Chocosphere Chocolate Take Out for Two

    Chocosphere Chocolate Take Out for Two


    "Take Out" you'll both enjoy!
    Chocosphere Presents Chocolate Take Out For Two! This "take-out" container comes with an assortment of squares or other wrapped pieces for your tasting pleasure. We also include notes on how to taste chocolate. This is perfect for sampling as a couple, giving as a gift, or enjoying over time by yourself. Approximate Net Wt: 225g / 8oz (weight varies depending on the items chosen) Learn More
  12. Guittard Green Mint Chips

    Guittard Green Mint Chips 25 lb Box


    Out of stock

    Mint Flavored, not chocolate
    Special Order Only
    Contact Chocosphere

    The Green Mint flavored Guittard chips are a bit of a departure from the chocolate that Chocosphere usually offers, in that these chips are other than “chocolate”. These chips do not contain cocoa butter and are instead made with non-hydrogenated oils. Perfect for your festive cookie creations! 25 lb box. Learn More
  13. Ritual Chocolate Peru Drinking Chocolate - 8oz

    Ritual Chocolate Peru Drinking Chocolate - 8oz

    Single Origin Peruvian-Cacao Drinking Chocolate. Just pure ground chocolate!
    Ritual Chocolate's drinking chocolates are pure artisanally made ground chocolate as in their chocolate bars, but un-tempered for easier melting when making your beverage. Made with pure Nacional cacao, the Peru chocolate is as complex as it is delicate and smooth. This cacao is exceptionally high in cacao butter, which makes this chocolate extra smooth and creamy. Net wt. 8oz / 226g, 75% cacao. Learn More
  14. Chocosphere Father's Day Collection Seasonal Special

    Chocosphere Father's Day Collection Seasonal Special


    Father's Day Basket.
    Minimum Value $65.00, but you pay only $49.95.

    Show your father how much you care with our special Father's Day Seasonal Gift Collection! We start with a stylish black box, then fill it with a delightful selection of fine chocolates. This simple black box with provides a presentation that is sure to impress!

    Because of the special value we are offering on this product, the assortment will most likely vary from the photo and we are unable to offer any customization of chocolate contents other than the options shown below. (but we're sure you will be pleased with the selection!)

    Minimum value: $65.00!

    Learn More
  15. Suzanne's Chocolate Peppermint Meltaways - 2¼ oz

    Suzanne's Chocolate Peppermint Meltaways - 2¼ oz

    Dark chocolate and Peppermint, smooth, cool and refreshing.
    Dark chocolate and peppermint are a classic treat. Here, the rich dark chocolate combined with the soft flavor of peppermint is a perfect bite for after dinner or anytime at all! Five individually wrapped pieces of a refreshing confection. Net wt: 2.25oz / 65g. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 271 total

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