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  1. Domori Donkey Milk Bar

    Domori Cioccolato Al Latte d'Asina Criollo Bar 25g

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    Limited Edition
    Donkey Milk Chocolate Bar, 45% Cacao.
    Rich in lactose and low in whey protein, donkey's milk meets the virtues of the world's rarest, most prized cacao, Criollo: an unprecedented chocolate experience to offer the palete etherial and endless pleasure. Intense milk chocolate with a unique taste, 45% cacao, 25g / 0.88 oz. Learn More
  2. Venchi Single Origin Venezuela Milk Chocolate Bar - 70g

    Venchi Single Origin Venezuela 47% Milk Chocolate Bar - 70g


    High-cacao-content milk chocolate bar.

    Milk chocolate single-origin bar with cocoa coming exclusively from Venezuela. The Venezuela milk chocolate bar completes the line of Single-Origin Venezuela bars, of which it shares notes of dried fruit, ripe cherries and milk. It differs from the traditional Venchi milk bars in the percentage of ingredients derived from the cocoa plant, 47% compared to 33%.

    That's why the Venezuela Milk Chocolate bar appeals to both lovers of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Since it is a chocolate bar crafted from cocoa mass from a single country, the Venezuela milk bar has a very distinct identity. 70g/2.47oz net wt.

    Learn More
  3. Slitti Slitti Gran Bouquet Cafe Latte Bar

    Slitti Gran Bouquet Caffe Latte Bar - 100g

    Milk 45% cacao with Coffee
    Slitti Gran Bouquet Café Latte (Milk/Coffee) Bar. Italian Milk/Coffee Chocolate bar, 45% cocoa. 100g/3.5oz net wt Learn More
  4. Slitti Slitti Lattenero 45% Milk Bar

    Slitti Lattenero 45% Bar - 100g

    Milk 45% cacao, Slitti's premiere dark Milk chocolate bars!
    Slitti Lattenero 45% Milk Bar. Chocosphere is pleased to offer Slitti's premiere dark chocolate bars! Each bar is 100g/3.5oz net wt. Learn More

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