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Fine Italian Chocolate

Chocosphere offers many fine Italian Chocolates to please your palate. Sample products from Italy: Amedei, Domori, Venchi, and more.

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  1. Venchi Semisweet Whole IGP Piedmont Hazelnut Bar - 100g

    Venchi Semisweet with Whole Piedmont Hazelnuts Bar - 100g

    56% cacao, blend
    Venchi Cioccolato Fondente con Nocciole, Dark chocolate with Hazelnut bar. "Product created using only IGP-certified Piedmont hazelnuts", a very traditional and artisanal product. Each bar is 100g/3.5oz net wt. Learn More
  2. Venchi Dark Gianduja with Hazelnuts Bar

    Venchi Dark Gianduja with Hazelnuts Bar - 80g

    Dark Giandua with Whole Piedmont Hazelnuts
    Rich dark gianduja, a blend of Venchi's delicious dark chocolate blended with hazelnuts ground to the consistency of flour, enclosing whole IGP Piedmont hazelnuts. A delightful and satisfying treat! Net wt. 80g / 2.82oz. Learn More
  3. Venchi Crema Caffe  Bar - 100g

    Venchi Crema Caffe Bar - 100g

    Dark 60% cacao, chocolate, coffee & nibs filling, blend
    Venchi Crema Caffe Chocolate Bar. The creamy filling makes this bars a special treat! Dark chocolate 60% cacao with a coffee and cacao nibs filling. 100g/3.5oz net wt. Learn More
  4. Venchi Dark Bar with Orange Filling - 100g

    Venchi Dark Bar with Orange Filling - 100g

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    56% cacao dark chocolate filled with chocolate cream and candied orange peel.
    The Venchi Dark Chocolate Bar with Orange filling, known in Italy as Crema Scorezette Arancia, is made with fine 56% cacao mild bittersweet dark chocolate. This delicious bar has a filling of cocoa cream and Sicilian candied orange peels. Dark chocolate and orange go together so well! 100g/3.5oz net wt. Learn More
  5. Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Dark chocolate with Calabrian Chili Pepper
    The Peperoncino bar is a classic combination enhanced by Domori, combining fine Teyuna cacao with Calabrian hot chili pepper. Nutty notes, followed by a pleasant spiciness. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  6. Slitti Slitti Gran Bouquet Cafe Nero Bar

    Slitti Gran Bouquet Caffe Nero Bar - 100g

    Dark 60% cacao with Coffee
    Slitti Gran Bouquet Café Nero (Dark/Coffee) Bar. Italian Dark/Coffee Chocolate bar, 60% cocoa. 100g/3.5oz net wt Learn More

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