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Fine Italian Chocolate

Chocosphere offers many fine Italian Chocolates to please your palate. Sample products from Italy: Amedei, Domori, Venchi, and more.

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  1. Domori Trinitario Peru Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Cacao

    Domori Trinitario 70% Peru Bar - 50g

    Very delicate, with a discret acidity and a fresh taste, formerly Apurimac

    Formerly known as Apurimac.

    Domoria Trinitario Peru: Originally from the Apurimac river area in southern Perù. A recently created hybrid (Trinitario Cocoa) with notes of flowers caramel and cream. Very delicate, with a discret acidity and a fresh taste that makes it a protagonist in high level patisserie production and in cocktails. 1.76oz/50g net wt.

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  2. Domori Fior di Sale Bar 50g

    Domori Fior di Sale Bar 50g

    Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel
    Translate the Italian Fior di Sale to French, and you have a Domori Fleur de Sel bar. This gourmet milk chocolate bar is made with Arriba cacao and blended with aromatic Guerande salt to bring forth a pleasant salty sweetness. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  3. Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Domori Peperoncino Bar 50g

    Dark chocolate with Calabrian Chili Pepper
    The Peperoncino bar is a classic combination enhanced by Domori, combining fine Teyuna cacao with Calabrian hot chili pepper. Nutty notes, followed by a pleasant spiciness. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  4. Domori Trinitario Venezuela Bar

    Domori Trinitario Venezuela Bar 50g


    Dark Bittersweet 70% cacao, Venezuela

    Domori Trinitario Venezuela Bar.

    A cocoa obtained from different Criollo and Trinitario hybrids originating in the Venezuelan states of Merida, Trujillo, Tachira and Zulia south of Lake Maracaibo.

    Delicate and very fresh aroma with notes of almonds and coffee. Low acidity and astringency, fine, pronounced elegance and great persistence. 1.76oz/50g net wt.

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  5. Domori Trinitario 70% Colombia Bar

    Domori Trinitario 70% Colombia Bar 50g


    Rare sweetness and fineness, with notes of cashews and an aftertaste of honey, formerly Teyuna.

    Formerly known as Teyuna

    Domori Trinitario 70% Colombia. A Trinitarian cacao whose name carries the charm and mystery of ancient Teyuna, the "lost city" of the Indians brought to light by archaeologists in 1976 in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

    Rare sweetness and finesse, with notes of cashew nuts and a honey after-taste. 1.76oz/50g net wt.

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  6. Domori Nacional Ecuador Dark Chocolate 70% Bar

    Domori Nacional 70% - Ecuador 50g Bar


    Delicate notes of white flowers. 70% Cocoa, 1.76oz/50g net wt.
    The Hacienda Victoria is located in Ecuador, on land that has been considered sacred for millennia. An ideal climate and sustainable crop management allow for a production of cacao with a fruity aroma and powerful chocolate flavour. Domori Nacional 70% - Ecuador is made from pure Arriba National cacao, free of CCN51 contamination, in the recovery of ancient tradition of cultivating the "fruit of the gods". During tasting it unfolds an extreme elegance with a touch of white flowers. Dark bittersweet chocolate, 70% cacao. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More

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