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  1. Amedei Porcelana Bar 50g

    Amedei Porcelana Bar 50g


    Dark 70% cacao with a predominantly toasted almond aroma and subtly spicy flavors, Venezuela
    Amedei Porcelana Bar. Porcelana cacao is considered by many to be a rare treasure, coming from small plantations in Venezuela and available in extremely limited quantities. It is pure criollo, and comes by the name Porcelana due to the translucent white color of the bean. Matched with Amedei's mastery of the chocolate art, Porcelana cacao is crafted into a very complex 70% cocoa bittersweet dark chocolate with a predominantly toasted almond aroma and subtly spicy flavors like cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg. Intense yet delicate, with just the right amount of acidity to impart a fresh, clean taste that lingers. 50g/1.75oz Learn More
  2. Amedei Chuao Bar 50g

    Amedei Chuao Bar 50g


    Dark single-origin 70% Cacao. Initial flavor of plums, red fruit and an aromatic roundness, Venezuela
    The Amedei Chuao dark chocolate bar is made of very rare and special Chuao cacao, obtained in Venezuela where it is grown. Amedei crafts this precious cacao into a delightful 70% cacao bittersweet dark chocolate. Flavor notes are of plums, followed by red fruit and an aromatic roundness. Though not as rare as Porcelana, Chuao cacao makes a very special chocolate treat. 50g/1.75oz Learn More
  3. Bonnat Porcelana Bar 100g

    Bonnat Porcelana Bar 100g

    This bars powerful fragrance to it's delicate taste, will exceed all expectations. Dark 75% cacao, Venezuela
    Bonnat Porcelana 75% Bittersweet Chocolate This rare cocoa, with an annual production of less than 1000 Kg, comes from an ancient plantation in Venezuela. Porcelana beans are unique, in that they are a translucent color. Fragrant and well balanced, the resulting chocolate is filled with the complex flavors imparted by the soil around Lake Maracaibo. From it's powerful fragrance to it's delicate taste, this chocolate will exceed the expectations of the most demanding chocolate connoisseur. Kosher-Parve, 100g/3.5oz per bar. Learn More
  4. Bonnat 100% Cacao Bar 100g

    Bonnat 100% Cacao Bar 100g

    No sugar, no additives, just cocoa and cocoa butter. Unsweetened, Venezuala
    Bonnat 100% Cacao Bar No sugar, no additives, just cocoa and cocoa butter. Kosher-Parve, 100g/3.5oz per bar. Learn More
  5. Bonnat Chuao Bar 100g

    Bonnat Chuao Bar 100g

    The King of Kings of the cocoas with a powerful and warm flavor. Dark 75% cacao, Venezuela
    Bonnat “Chuao” 75% Bittersweet Chocolate. From Venezuela, reigning country of great cocoas, undeniably #1 in quality. The King of Kings of the cocoas with a powerful and warm flavor. Kosher-Parve, 100g/3.5oz per bar. Learn More
  6. Pralus Chuao Bar 50g

    Pralus Chuao Dark Chocolate Bar 50g

    Dark 75% cacao, Venezuela
    Pralus Chuao is a single origin bar made of some very rare and special cacao from Venezuela. François Pralus sought out this cacao from the village of Chuao because its isolation provides a unique purity in the Criollo and hybrid cacaos grown there. This fine cacao matched with French chocolate making skill results is a delicious dark chocolate with a nice long finish and a fine balance of bitterness, acidity, and earthy tones. 50g/1.476oz. Learn More
  7. Taste Chuao 75% Bar – 85g

    Taste Chuao 75% Bar – 85g

    Dark cacao from Venezuela
    Hidden from 17th century pirates, the village of Chuao was established far enough upstream to prohibit cacao pillaging. This legendary bean offers rich chocolate notes of toasted nuts and honey. Net wt. 85g/3oz. Learn More
  8. Guido Gobino Guido Gobino Cialdine 100% Venezuela Ocumare Cacao Mass

    Guido Gobino Cialdine Venezuela Ocumare 100% Mass Bag 200g


    Dark, unsweetened. Individually wrapped. Repackaged.

    Guido Gobino selected an extraordinary Venezuela quality cacao for realizing this special Dark Chocolate Cialdina. No addition of sugar, or vanilla or soy lecithin. This chocolate is simply one of the most precious cacao quality in the world, labored from scratch (starting from the beans) directly in Guido Gobino's chocolate factory.

    This Cialdina is typical for its predominant cacao and roasted notes and has a well balanced flavor, where the little acidity gets perfectly together with the floral and nuts notes. This chocolate is dedicated to dark chocolate lovers and it pairs very well with Rhum and distilled spirits. Repackaged by Chocosphere. Net wt. 200g/7ozs., approximately 45 pieces.

    Learn More
  9. Pralus Dark Assorted Single-Origin Squares Gift Box 24-pc

    Pralus Dark Assorted Single-Origin 24-Squares Gift Box

    Dark chocolate, 75% cacao, Individually-wrapped, Assorted
    The Dark Assorted Single-Origin Squares Gift Box contains a selection of Pralus' chocolate from their "Tropical" origin collection, in colorful 5g individually-wrapped squares: Cacao origins include Papua, Indonesia, Sao Tome, Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar, Colombia, and Ecuador. This handsome box makes an excellent gift for someone who you wish to travel François Pralus' world of premium chocolate! All of the dark chocolate squares are 75% cacao. Twenty-four 5g squares, 120g / 4.2oz total net wt. Learn More
  10. Venchi Venezuela Milk 47% Cacao Napolitain - Tasting Square

    Venchi Venezuela Milk Napolitains – 200g Bag


    Venezuelan high-cocoa-content milk chocolate squares. Repackaged.
    2018 Compagnia del Cioccolato "Tavoletta d'Oro" Award Winner
    Milk chocolate with a high content (47%) of aromatic cocoa. 7.5g / 0.26oz per square. Individually wrapped. Net wt. 200g 7oz., approximately 26 pieces. Learn More
  11. Venchi Giandujotto Venezuela Carenero

    Venchi Giandujotto Venezuela Carenero Bag - 200g


    Limited edition giandujotti, Venezuelan cacao. Repackaged.
    Limited edition giandujotti made from Italian-grown IGP Piedmont hazelnuts ground to the consistency of flour, blended with chocolate made from premium Venezuelan Carenero cacao. Net wt. 200g / 7oz, approximately 16 pieces. Learn More
  12. Venchi Cremini Venezuela

    Venchi Cremini Venezuela Bag - 200g


    Triple layer gianduja confection. Venezuelan cacao.
    Limited Edition Cremino with alternating layers of Gianduia made with Italian-grown IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, crafted with premium cacao blends from Venezuela. 200g/7.05oz net wt., approximately 18 pieces. Learn More
  13. Valrhona Cocoa Nibs 250g

    Valrhona Cocoa Nibs 250g


    Roasted cocoa bean pieces, Venezuela
    These wonderful Valrhona Cocoa Nibs are roasted bits of Venezuelan-origin cocoa beans. With a very intense cocoa flavor, these nibs make a wonderful addition to your favorite recipe. Try them when you want a crunchy, cocoa flavor as part of your creation! Non-Meltable, can by shipped by ground all year. 250g / 8.8oz bag. Repackaged by Chocosphere Learn More

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