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  1. Valrhona Araguani 100% Cocoa Paste Block 3Kg

    Valrhona Araguani 100% Cocoa Paste Block 3Kg


    Out of stock

    Unsweetened Cacao Mass, Venezuela
    Valrhona Araguani 100% cacao is pure unsweetened chocolate, made from rare Venezuelan cocoa beans and nothing else!. Araguani's flavor profile can be compared to great red wines with high tannins and a long lasting finish. When combined with sugar in the 72% cacao version, Araguani has flavor notes of currants and chestnuts with hints of honey and fresh baked bread. Available only in large bloc formats. 100% Cocoa, 0% Sugar, Fat Content 54%. Available only in large bloc formats. 3Kg/6.6Lb bloc Learn More
  2. Valrhona Araguani 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Araguani 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Out of stock

    Dark Couverture 72% cacao, Venezuela
    Valrhona Araguani bittersweet dark chocolate is very intense. This Grand Cru Valrhona chocolate is made only with Venezuelan cocoa beans from various cacao growing areas to achieve an especially delicious flavor profile. Criollos and Trinitaro cacao is blended to achieve the right intensity of flavors, with a nice long and pleasant finish. Suitable for pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, enrobing, and glazing (icing). Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 72% Cocoa, 27.5% Sugar, 43.5% Fat Content. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  3. Cacao Barry Cacao Barry Venezuela Pistoles 72%

    Cacao Barry Venezuela Origine Pistoles 72% 2.5Kg


    Dark Venezuela Origine Pistoles
    Special Order Only
    This Cacao Barry Venezuela Origin dark couverture chocolate offers the perfect balance of a powerful cocoa taste and intense woody notes. Good fluidity with 41% cacao butter. Suitable for moulding and enrobing. Packaged an a strong zip-reclosable bag. 2.5Kg/5.5 lb net wt. Learn More
  4. Valrhona Noir Araguani Bar 70g

    Valrhona Noir Araguani Chocolate Bar 70g

    Chocolatey and Full-Bodied. Dark 72% cacao, Venezuela.
    Chocolatey and Full-Bodied. From its strikingly bitter essence, Noir Araguani offers a rich and complex aromatic profile featuring warm notes (raisins, chestnuts) and notes of licorice. Pure Venezuela. 70g/2.46oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy. Learn More
  5. Amedei Venezuela  Bar 50g

    Amedei Venezuela Bar 50g


    Dark 70% cocoa with an intense flavor of walnut, almonds, and cashews.
    Amedei Venezuela Bar. The mark of this spicy, richly aromatic chocolate's land of origin is clear, drawing you in and dazzling the senses with an intense flavor of walnut, almonds, and cashews. 50g/1.76oz Learn More
  6. Amedei Chuao Bar 50g

    Amedei Chuao Bar 50g


    Dark single-origin 70% Cacao. Initial flavor of plums, red fruit and an aromatic roundness, Venezuela
    The Amedei Chuao dark chocolate bar is made of very rare and special Chuao cacao, obtained in Venezuela where it is grown. Amedei crafts this precious cacao into a delightful 70% cacao bittersweet dark chocolate. Flavor notes are of plums, followed by red fruit and an aromatic roundness. Though not as rare as Porcelana, Chuao cacao makes a very special chocolate treat. 50g/1.75oz Learn More
  7. Amedei Porcelana Bar 50g

    Amedei Porcelana Bar 50g


    Dark 70% cacao with a predominantly toasted almond aroma and subtly spicy flavors, Venezuela
    Amedei Porcelana Bar. Porcelana cacao is considered by many to be a rare treasure, coming from small plantations in Venezuela and available in extremely limited quantities. It is pure criollo, and comes by the name Porcelana due to the translucent white color of the bean. Matched with Amedei's mastery of the chocolate art, Porcelana cacao is crafted into a very complex 70% cocoa bittersweet dark chocolate with a predominantly toasted almond aroma and subtly spicy flavors like cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg. Intense yet delicate, with just the right amount of acidity to impart a fresh, clean taste that lingers. 50g/1.75oz Learn More
  8. Guittard Machu Piccu Varietal Couverture Bloc - 500g

    Guittard Machu Picchu Varietal Couverture Bloc - 500g

    Dark 65% Peruvian cacao
    Guittard Machu Picchu Varietal Couverture Bloc. As exotic and sacred as the valley of the Urubamba River leading to Machu Picchu, an inspirational combination of buttery, floral and banana notes with a grapefruit zest background to stand alone as a ganache center or to enhance desserts. Packaged as 500g/1.1lb blocks. Learn More
  9. Amedei Amedei Blanco de Criollo Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bloc

    Amedei Blanco de Criollo Bloc 1kg


    Single-Origin Peru Beans, Dark 70%
    Amedei Blanco de Criollo 1Kg bloc. The 50g bar version of this chocolate was a 2013 Academy of Chocolate Gold Medal Winner. Blanco de Criollo is a 70% cacao dark chocolate, blended with the rarest Peruvian cocoa beans, characterized by a scent of underwood and wild mushrooms, alternated with a hint of dried plum and toasted almonds. It also shows hints of licorice, that extend the aroma. 1Kg/2.2 lb. Learn More
  10. Valrhona Valrhona Ilanka Peru Les Feves 3Kg bag

    Valrhona ILLANKA 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 63% cacao, Peru

    Valrhona ILLANKA Bittersweet, 63% cocoa min, 37% fat content, 36% sugar. Made from Gran Blanco beans, rare white cocoa beans found in the Piura region of Peru, this distinctive chocolate delivers exceptional creaminess with a strong tang and complex notes of sun-ripened blackberries, blueberries and black grapes. Anchored by robust chocolate strength with hints of roasted peanuts. This chocolate is an experience in possibilities, a chocolate that invites the palate on a journey of delicious discoveries. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag.

    Learn More
  11. Valrhona Andoa Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Andoa Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Milk Couverture, 39% Cacao, EU Organic, fair trade, blend
    Valrhona Andoa Lactee is a Milk chocolate, 39% Cocoa, 34% Sugar, 26% Milk Content. 41% Fat Content. For this Blend of Grands Crus, Valrhona has carefully selected the best organic and fair trade grown cocoa beans, blending delicate varieties to perfection creating Valrhona Andoa Lactée organic milk chocolate. This unique blend captivates the palate with seductive milky softness and tender chocolate sweetness, all enhanced by a hint a bitterness. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag. EU Organic, fair trade. Learn More
  12. Valrhona Andoa Noire 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Andoa Noire 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture, 70% Cacao, Organic, fair trade, single origin
    Andoa Dark 70% is an organic dark chocolate made from the finest organic cocoa beans (Fair Trade certified). Tasting starts with a burst of freshness and a powerful bitterness which becomes more nuanced over time. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  13. Republica del Cacao Peru 62% Cacao Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Peru 62% Cacao Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Dark chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    Peru is still a relatively unknown origin, but offers a wide range of cacao tastes and styles. Cacao farms are often planted with Criollos and are very well maintained, yielding exceptional fruits. Peru 62% is a light mahogany colored chocolate prepared with fine Criollos from the north west of Peru. Its taste profile is fresh and slightly acidic, a fleeting hint of citrus, some blackberry and cherry notes and a warm finish of fresh almonds and toasted dry fruits. Net wt. 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More
  14. Republica del Cacao Republica del Cacao Peru 38% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Peru 38% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons 2.5Kg Bag


    Milk chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    The freshness of pure Peruvian Criollos combines here with the light, clean flavors of milk and finishing notes of smooth butterscotch. This milk chocolate is pale in color with a beautifully silky texture. The fine balance of this chocolate sets it apart from its competitors, as it does not have the heavy, often overbearing, notes of vanilla found in most other milk chocolates on the market today. Net wt 2.5Kg/5.5lbs. Learn More
  15. Cacao Barry Cacao Barry Alto el Sol Single Plantation Peru Dark Chocolate Couverture

    Cacao Barry Alto El Sol Pistoles 65% 1Kg


    Single-Plantation Peruian Dark Chocolate Pistoles. 3 drop fluidity.
    E.U. Organic, no USDA seal
    In the heart of a Peruvian nature park, the Alto El Sol plantation is protected by a lush environment, giving the cocoa trees all their richness. The dominant sourness and red fruits give to this dark couverture chocolate a very long lasting taste. E.U. Certified organic. 3 drop fluidity. Suitable for moulding, enrobing, and making chocolate tablets and bars. 65% min. cacao, Criollo Amazonia (Trinitario) Packaged in a strong zip-reclosable bag. Certified Kosher-Dairy . 1Kg/2.2 lb net wt. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 40 total

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