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  1. Domori Trinitario Peru Dark Chocolate Tasting Square 70% Cacao

    Domori Trinitario Peru Squares bulk package 1Kg


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    Dark 70% cacao, individually wrapped, Peru.
    A 1Kg/2.2lb package of individually wrapped Domori Trinitario Peru dark chocolate squares, 70% Cocoa Content. This single origin chocolate is made with cacao grown in the Peruvian valley of the Apurimac river. It has notes of flowers, caramel and cream, and is very mild with a pleasant tartness. Approximately 185 pieces. Learn More
  2. Valrhona Andoa Noire 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Andoa Noire 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture, 70% Cacao, Organic, fair trade, single origin
    Andoa Dark 70% is an organic dark chocolate made from the finest organic cocoa beans (Fair Trade certified). Tasting starts with a burst of freshness and a powerful bitterness which becomes more nuanced over time. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  3. Valrhona Valrhona Ilanka Peru Les Feves 3Kg bag

    Valrhona ILLANKA 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 63% cacao, Peru

    Valrhona ILLANKA Bittersweet, 63% cocoa min, 37% fat content, 36% sugar. Made from Gran Blanco beans, rare white cocoa beans found in the Piura region of Peru, this distinctive chocolate delivers exceptional creaminess with a strong tang and complex notes of sun-ripened blackberries, blueberries and black grapes. Anchored by robust chocolate strength with hints of roasted peanuts. This chocolate is an experience in possibilities, a chocolate that invites the palate on a journey of delicious discoveries. Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag.

    Learn More
  4. Amedei Amedei Blanco de Criollo Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bloc

    Amedei Blanco de Criollo Bloc 1kg


    Single-Origin Peru Beans, Dark 70%
    Amedei Blanco de Criollo 1Kg bloc. The 50g bar version of this chocolate was a 2013 Academy of Chocolate Gold Medal Winner. Blanco de Criollo is a 70% cacao dark chocolate, blended with the rarest Peruvian cocoa beans, characterized by a scent of underwood and wild mushrooms, alternated with a hint of dried plum and toasted almonds. It also shows hints of licorice, that extend the aroma. 1Kg/2.2 lb. Learn More

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