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  1. Valrhona Noir Araguani Bar 70g

    Valrhona Noir Araguani Chocolate Bar 70g

    Chocolatey and Full-Bodied. Dark 72% cacao, Venezuela.
    Chocolatey and Full-Bodied. From its strikingly bitter essence, Noir Araguani offers a rich and complex aromatic profile featuring warm notes (raisins, chestnuts) and notes of licorice. Pure Venezuela. 70g/2.46oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy. Learn More
  2. Domori Cacao Criollo 100% 25g Bar

    Domori Criollo 100% 25g Bar

    Unsweetened, Criollo cacao
    Domori 100% Criollo cacao unsweetened chocolate bar. A blend of Domori's Criollo cocoa varieties, which creates a unique sensory experience. The persistence and balance are perfect, the flavour nuances are endless. Perfect for those who want to explore the authentic nature of criollo cacao with no sweeteners or other additions. Domori's minimal processing lets the flavor of these Criollo beans shine through. 100% Cocoa, 0.9oz/25g net wt. Learn More
  3. Valrhona Alpaco 70g Dark Chocolate Bar

    Valrhona Alpaco Chocolate Bar 70g

    Dark 66% cacao, Ecuador
    Valrhona Alpaco bar. The majority of the cacao used for Alpaco (66% Cocoa) comes from the Ecuadorian Arriba bean. It combines strength and sophistication, offering delicate floral aromas of jasmine and orange blossom, intimately and intricately intertwined with deep cacao notes. 70g/2.46oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy Learn More
  4. Original Beans Esmeraldas Bar 70g

    Original Beans Esmeraldas Bar 70g


    Milk with a touch of salt, 42% cacao, Ecuador, EU Organic BIO cert.
    Original Beans Esmeraldas Milk Bar with Fleur de Sel. Cocoa origin: Ecuador. 42% Cocoa. EU Bio Organic. From world-renowned Arriba cacao of the Pacific Rainforest Esmeraldas Ecuador. Sweet Swiss milk is then added, and the chocolate is conched for 50-hours. Velvety notes of caramel with Fleur de Sel. Topped with a subtle nip of sea salt (fleur de sel), and a robust flavor. Cocoa origin: Ecuador. Net wt: 2.46oz/70g. Learn More
  5. Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador- 50g Bar

    Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador- 50g Bar

    Delicate notes of white flowers. 70% Cocoa, 1.76oz/50g net wt.
    The Hacienda Victoria is located in Ecuador, on land that has been considered sacred for millennia. An ideal climate and sustainable crop management allow for a production of cacao with a fruity aroma and powerful chocolate flavour. Domori Nacional 100% - Ecuador is made from pure Arriba National cacao, free of CCN51 contamination, in the recovery of ancient tradition of cultivating the "fruit of the gods". During tasting it unfolds an extreme elegance with a touch of white flowers. Dark bittersweet chocolate, 100% cacao. 1.76oz/50g net wt. Learn More
  6. Domori Single Origin Chocolate Tasting Squares 6-piece Gift Box

    Domori Single-Cru Squares 6-Pc Assortment 28g

    Out of stock

    Dark 70% cacao, individually wrapped
    Domori Single-Cru Square Assortment box. Domori dedicates this box to the lovers of synthesis. An elegant small box with 1 individually wrapped square of each: Apurimac, Arriba, Morogoro, Sambirano, Sur del Lago and Teyuna: the six Single Cru at 70%, 4.7g napolitains. Six different aromatic notes you can always take along. Each Cru/blend has an identity and personality of its own. 6 pieces, net wt. 28g/1oz. Learn More
  7. Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate Bar 70g

    Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate Bar 70g

    Powerful, lingering intensity. Dark 70% cacao, South America
    Valrhona Guanaja Dark Grand Cru Chocolate (70% Cocoa). Made with a blend of the finest cocoa beans from South America. An exceptional bitter chocolate, its intense flavour, enhanced by floral notes, has a powerful, lingering intensity. 70g/2.46oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy Learn More
  8. Valrhona Valrhona Guanaja Grue 85g Bar

    Valrhona Guanaja Grue Chocolate Bar 85g

    Dark Chocolate with Roasted Cocoa Nibs, 70% cacao
    Valrhona Guanaja Grue takes the elegant, powerful chocolate taste of Guanaja and amplifies it by the delicate notes of roasted cocoa bean nibs. Dark Grand Cru Chocolate (70% Cocoa), made with a blend of the finest cocoa beans from South America. 85g/3oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy Learn More

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