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  1. Belvie Black Pearl 80g bar

    Belvie Black Pearl 85% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Limited Edition
    Single-cru dark chocolate from Vietnam.
    Belvie Black Pearl 85% is a Limited Edition bar. Along the banks of one of the 7 dragons (arms) of the great Mekong river, in the lush delta of the province of Ben Tre in Vietnam, the cacao trees of Mr. Nguyen's small plantation take advantage of the rich alluvial soil coming from the Tibetan Highlands to the South China Sea. These exceptional cacao trees allowed Belvie to make this rare pearl of chocolate with a rich fruity and spicy flavour. 85% cacao. Net wt: 80g / 2.8oz Learn More
  2. Belvie Hao Moc 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Belvie Hao Moc 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Single-cru dark chocolate from Vietnam
    2017 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner

    Its taste is luscious fruity and special fragrant from chocolate. A taste that will leave a nice impression in your memory. Net wt 80g/2.8oz.

    Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award Winner in 2017

    Learn More
  3. Domori Domori Criollo Dark Chocolate Squares Assortment

    Domori Criollo Squares Assortment 49 pc Bag 230g


    Individually Wrapped squares of Domori Dark Chocolate made with Criollo Cacao.
    Assortment varies from the photo and may include the blended criollo squares.
    Pictured Porcelana is not in the assortment.
    Each square is approximately 4.7g. Each variety has an identity and personality of its own.

    Varieties that may be in your assortment are Puertomar 75%, Puertofino 70%, Canoabo 70%, Chuao 70%, Guasare 70%, plus Criollo blends 70, 80, 90 and 100%. The 49-piece bag will include at least 6 types though they may not be present in equal amounts. Net wt: 230g. Repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  4. Atypic 88% Dark Chocolate with Nibs Bar - Heart of Pacific - 70g

    Atypic 88% Dark Chocolate with Nibs Bar - Heart of Pacific - 70g

    Dark chocolate surrounding cacao nibs.
    Crafted with a blend of fine cacaos from the South Pacific. Roasted cacao nibs combined with fine chocolate. Intense & crunchy. Net wt. 70g / 2.47oz. Learn More

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