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  1. Pralus Cacao Show Hot Chocolate Mix 250g

    Pralus Cacao Show Hot Chocolate Mix 250g

    Fine Drinking Chocolate Powder in a reclosable tin.
    Cacao Show by François Pralus. An interesting play on words from the French pronunciation of cacao chaud, "hot cacao" or hot cocoa as we commonly think of the warm comforting drink. It is a delicious hot chocolate mix made of simple ingredients: ground 75% cacao Madagascar bean origin chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder. Mix to taste with hot milk, hot water, or a non-dairy milk of your choice for a delicious beverage. Packaged in a re-closable tin. 250g/8.8oz net weight. Learn More
  2. Ritual Chocolate Belize Drinking Chocolate - 8oz

    Ritual Chocolate Belize Drinking Chocolate - 8oz

    Single Origin Belizean Drinking Chocolate. Just pure ground chocolate!
    Ritual Chocolate's drinking chocolates are pure artisinally made ground chocolate as in their chocolate bars, but un-tempered for easier melting when making your beverage. Belize drinking chocolate is made with organic cacao grown by a network of Mayan farmers in the Toledo district of Belize. This chocolate has an incredible balance of fruity, earthy, & nutty flavors due to the complex genetics of the growing region. Tastes of dried fig, cherry, & tobacco. Net wt. 8oz / 226g, 75% cacao. Learn More
  3. Guido Gobino Guido Gobino Hot Chocolate Canister

    Guido Gobino Hot Chocolate Powder – 250g

    Pure ingredients in a reclosable canister .
    The new recipe of this powder for hot chocolate is made with no thickener at all, rather with only cocoa mass, cane sugar and cocoa powder. The result will be gourmand and intense, exactly as you would expect by melting a dark chocolate bar in a cup. Moreover, with this improved recipe, it’s possible to prepare a perfect hot chocolate even using water. It’s possible to prepare a perfect hot chocolate, with the typical Italian style, in only 2 gestures: boil milk or water, pour it on the powder previously placed in a bowl and stir well. Great product even for preparing desserts. Net wt. 250g/8.8oz. Learn More
  4. Valrhona Celaya 33 fl oz

    Valrhona Celaya 33 fl oz

    Out of stock – Est. available: Near end of June

    Hot Chocolate Drink

    Ground Shipping Only

    Valrhona Celaya, A unique, thick, creamy consistency and an intense chocolate flavor, lingering long on the palate without tasting too sweet. 1L/33 fl oz. This product can only be shipped by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground service. Air shiping and Postal Service shipping are not available. Not available on Canadian orders. Package style and or color may vary from photo. Learn More

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