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Vanilla, and other Flavorings

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  1. Chocosphere Mexican Vanilla Beans

    Chocosphere Mexican Whole Vanilla Beans - 4oz


    Out of stock

    Whole Vanilla Bean from Mexico
    A quarter pound of fine quality Mexican whole vanilla beans in a heavy-duty zip reclosable bag. Sold by weight (4oz net wt), typically 30-35 beans. Learn More
  2. La Vencedora La Vencedora 1 Gallon Bottle

    La Vencedora Four Fold Concentrated Mexican Vanilla Flavoring - 1 Gallon


    Gallon Plastic Bottle of Concentrated Vanilla Flavoring.

    This highly concentrated liquid Mexican vanilla flavoring is of fine taste and quality! It is water processed to give the smoothest flavor, with the only alcohol being that naturally occurring in the vanilla and less than 3%. It is called a "flavoring" because of the near-zero alcohol content ("extracts" are made using an alcohol based process, and can have 30% or more alcohol in the finished product.) All natural - no synthetic vanillin.

    The people who import large containers of this vanilla into the U.S. package it into the bottles we sell right here in Portland, Oregon. They periodically travel to Mexico to be sure their vanilla meets the highest standards with no cumarin, additives, or preservatives – just pure natural water-processed vanilla flavor. Try this vanilla in your favorite recipe. You will taste the difference! Certified Kosher-Parve by Vaad Hakashut del consejo communitario Ashkenazi de Mexico.

    1 gallon (128 oz) bottle.

    Learn More

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