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  1. Bargain Basement Callebaut White Chocolate Hollow Form

    Bargain Basement Callebaut - Mona Lisa White Chocolate Truffle Shell (Hollow Form) 504 pc Box


    Original Price: $122.55
    (NOTE: This is NOT a 2 for 1 special)
    Best By: March 3, 2024

    White chocolate ball with a hole for fillings.

    Callebaut - Mona Lisa White Chocolate Truffle Shells are hollow chocolate balls that you can fill with your delicious ganache or other creations. They save time when making filled chocolate truffles while bringing forth the finest with Callebaut's white chocolate. Callebaut hollow forms are made with white 30.6% cacao chocolate. These truffle shells are 2.6g per form, 26mm in diameter with a 10mm diameter hole. Total net weight 1.36 Kg / 2.99 lbs. Learn More
  2. Bargain Basement Lait Tablet 85g

    Bargain Basement Lait 38% Milk Chocolate Tablet - 85 g


    Buy One, Get One Free!
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    Best By: August 15, 2023

    Milk 38% cacao, blend
    Savor the legacy of Café-Tasse with their 38% Milk Chocolate Tablet, a journey of Belgian chocolate artistry. Immerse yourself in the essence of distant savannas and tropical vanilla, crafted with care and dedication to quality. Delight in this 85g bar, and experience the rich tradition of Café-Tasse at Chocosphere. Learn More

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