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Venchi Italian chocolate, Winner of the 2018 Leonardo Italian Quality Award!

Venchi's superior Italian Chocolate is a product of over 150 years of combined experience in the chocolate making craft. The Venchi chocolate making tradition began in 1878, with an emphasis on quailty and freshness using all natural ingredients. Venchi merged with another traditional Italian confection maker, Cuba (Cussino, Biscotti e Affini) in 2000, adopting the name Cuba Venchi. Later the company decided to adopt only the Venchi name, while retaining the historical commitment of Cuba and Venchi to producing only the finest chocolates and confections. Chocosphere is pleased to offer Venchi chocolate, including their signature Italian Gianduja confections (Giandujotti), Crema Gianduja bars, and very special "Cuor di Cacao" ("Heart of Cocoa") 75% and 85% cacao intense chocolates.
All Venchi products are gluten-free.
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