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The origins of Valrhona Chocolate go back to 1922 in the Rhone Valley of France. Since then, their mission has been the creation of exceptional chocolate, utilizing the natural aromas of the various cocoa growing regions and in keeping with the traditions of the French chocolate making craft.

Whether you need Valrhona Cocoa Powder for your favorite recipe or their gourmet French chocolate to satisfy a craving, Chocosphere is proud to offer one of the widest selections of Valrhona Chocolate on the Internet!

Most Valrhona products are certified Kosher by Triangle-K Triangle-K Logo. Certificate

For an introduction to chocolate tempering, you may wish to watch this helpful Valrhona Tempering Video.

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  1. Valrhona Caraibe 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Caraibe 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Chocolate Couverture 66% cacao, Caribbean
    Valrhona Caraïbe dark chocolate offers the subtle sweetness of the tropics! Caraibe is made using a blend of Trinitario cacao from small plantations on the Caribbean Islands. It has an intense and full chocolate taste with hints of dried fruits and grilled almonds and a long finish with a note of oak. This versatile chocolate works well for many applications including pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, enrobing, ice cream & sorbets, and icing. Bittersweet, 66.5% Cocoa, 33% Sugar, 40.5% Fat Content. Available in "Les Fèves" disc and bloc formats. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  2. Valrhona Tainori 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Tainori 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 64% cacao, Dominican Republic.
    Valrhona Tainori bittersweet dark chocolate is made with cacao from the Dominican Republic. This single origin dark chocolate has flavor notes of yellow fruit, finishing with hints roasted almonds and freshly baked bread. Valrhona recommends this chocolate for coating, molding, bar making, mousse, cream mix & ganache, ice creams & sorbets. Or, just enjoy the chocolate straight out of the bag! Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only. 64.5% cocoa, 35% sugar, 39.4% fat. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. package Learn More
  3. Valrhona Bahibe Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg

    Valrhona Bahibe Lactee 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Milk Couverture 46% cacao, Dominican Republic.
    Valrhona's Bahibe is a rich milk chocolate that is high in cocoa content (46%). Made of fine single-origin Dominican Republic cacao, this rich milk chocolate's high cocoa content perfectly balances the smoothness of the milk, fruity tanginess and slight bitterness. Cocoa 46%, Milk 23%, Sugar 30%, Fat 42%. 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag Learn More
  4. Valrhona Lait Bahibe Bar 70g

    Valrhona Lait Bahibe Chocolate Bar 70g

    Milky, Chocolaty Intensity. Milk 46% cacao, blend.
    Milky, Chocolaty Intensity. Bahibe, with its high cocoa content, offers a balance between the sweetness of milk and the intensity of cocoa notes, with an overall hint of nuts, enhanced by a fruity acidity and a slightly bitter flavor. 70g/2.46oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy. Learn More

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