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Guittard Chocolate Company, a purveyor of premium American-made chocolate, has been a cherished choice for both professional pastry chefs and home cooks for over 150 years. The Guittard legacy began when Etienne Guittard journeyed from France to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. While he didn't strike gold, his French chocolate became a hit, prompting him to establish the Guittard Chocolate Company in 1868. This family-owned business, spanning four generations, has meticulously crafted high-quality chocolate in the San Francisco Bay area. Guittard's history is intertwined with pivotal events, including the Great Depression and World War II, emphasizing its enduring commitment to chocolate craftsmanship. Today, as the fifth generation joins the company, Guittard continues to prioritize not only making exquisite chocolate but also supporting communities and preserving the environment.

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  1. Guittard Guittard Unsweetened 100% Cacao Cocoa Nibs Box - 40 lb 0186 C40 0186C40

    Guittard Unsweetened 100% Cacao Cocoa Nibs Box - 40 lb


    Pure Cacao Nibs: Add a delightful crunch with the essence of pure chocolate.

    Experience the essence of chocolate at its purest with Guittard Unsweetened 100% Cacao Cocoa Nibs. Made by Guittard, a celebrated name in American chocolate for over 150 years, these cocoa nibs are a testament to the art of chocolate craftsmanship. Sourced from the finest cocoa beans, roasted to perfection, and fragmented into small bits, these nibs add a delightful crunch and the unadulterated taste of chocolate to your creations. As part of Guittard's tradition, dating back to the Gold Rush era, this product reflects their enduring commitment to quality. Embrace the heritage and elevate your culinary endeavors with the essence of chocolate itself. Learn More
  2. Guittard Guittard Cocoa Nibs Pail - 4.5 lb 3186 C9 3186C9

    Guittard Cocoa Nibs Pail - 4.5 lb


    Out of stock

    Guittard Cocoa Nibs: Elevate your dishes with premium cocoa bits.

    Elevate your creations with Guittard Cocoa Nibs, available in a practical 4.5 lb re-closable pail. These unsweetened cacao nibs are crafted from finely roasted cocoa beans, offering a delightful crunchy texture and the authentic taste of chocolate's source. A versatile addition to your recipes, these cocoa nibs bring a touch of culinary excellence to your kitchen. Please note that the nibs may contain cocoa shell, kernel, or plant material and should be inspected or re-cleaned before use. Explore the essence of chocolate with these bits of roasted cacao, conveniently packaged in a re-closable pail.

    Note that the bucket is marked with the following:
    "May contain cocoa shell, kernel, plant material or other material from the growing process. Inspect or re-clean before using. This is not a ready to eat food."

    Learn More

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