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Guittard Chocolate is preferred by many gourmet pastry chefs as being an American-made chocolate of very high quality. Now you can enjoy it as a snack or in your favorite recipes. This delicious chocolate has a long and interesting history.

Etienne Guittard journeyed from France to San Francisco in the mid 1800's, searching for gold that he never found. Mr. Guittard also brought delicious chocolate from his uncle's factory in France, making him a very popular fellow. This inspired Etienne to establish the Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco, in 1868.

The Guittard family has continued in the tradition of Etienne and his uncle for four generations, making chocolate of the highest quality in the San Francisco Bay area for over a century, with the utmost care given to crafting their chocolate.

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  1. Guittard “Collection Etienne” 70% Baking Bar 6oz.

    Guittard “Collection Etienne” 70% Baking Bar 6oz.

    70% Bittersweet Baking Bar

    “Collection Etienne” Baking Bars, newly developed fine chocolate used by professionals now available for the home baker. Handcrafted in Guittard’s San Francisco Bay Area-based chocolate factory from the finest cacao from around the world, “Collection Etienne” Baking Bars deliver a complex chocolate flavor made from a proprietary blend of cocoa beans, delivering a unique chocolate for your baking needs. “Collection Etienne” Baking Bars are Fair Trade certified, all natural, peanut, gluten free and Kosher. In addition, replacing soy lecithin with sunflower lecithin (a small amount which is used as an emulsifier) makes “Collection Etienne” Baking Bars completely soy free and Non GMO.

    Deep chocolate flavors linger throughout with bright red fruit and cherry notes. A tart aftertaste lends to an astringency that helps carry the peaky endnotes of this bittersweet chocolate into a deep chocolate finish.

    Three two-ounce bars come in each box and are scored for ease of use.

    Total net wt. 6oz/170g

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  2. Guittard Complexite Couverture Bloc - 500g

    Guittard Complexite Couverture Bloc - 500g

    Dark chocolate, 70% blended origin cacao
    Guittard Complexite Couverture Bloc. A nine-bean blend of select Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero cacao beans from Central and South America, the South Pacific, the East and West Indies and the Indian Ocean rain forests. The artisans at Guittard individually roasted each bean to perfection to maximize their flavor potential and unique characteristics and meticulously blended them to create a balanced chocolate experience of many layers of flavors. Delicate and smooth, underlying base chocolate accented with tart plums, green tea, lavender and earthy spicy notes of toasted anise for applications as diverse as its profile. 70% cocoa content 500g/1.1 lb net wt. Learn More

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