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  1. Chocosphere Crystallized Ginger

    Chocosphere Crystallized Australian Ginger 500g

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    These are great for snacking, dipping or chopping up and mixing into your latest creation.
    Crystallized Australian ginger discs, coated with sugar, ready for dipping. Mellow and moist. 500g/1.1lbs net wt. Repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  2. Chocosphere ChocoRoast #2 Coffee

    Chocosphere Roast #2 Belgian Style Coffee Beans - 1 lb


    Dark Roast Whole-Bean

    When our "Belgian Connection" brought us the chocolate that led to the creation of Chocosphere, he brought something else too – the most wonderful dark-roast coffee beans. These beans made delicious espresso drinks and European-style coffee. Imagine our disappointment when the Belgian roaster refused to export our favorite coffee to the U.S!

    So, we contacted a nearby artisan coffee roaster, gave him an unopened bag of the beans and asked him to duplicate the flavor as closely as possible. The result? Chocosphere Roast #2! Why "#2" you may ask? Because our roaster gave us three alternatives, and we chose bag #2. But make no mistake about it, this coffee is second to none!

    Learn More

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