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Callebaut Belgian Chocolate


Callebaut's story commenced in 1911 when Octaaf Callebaut embarked on a journey to create the world's finest Belgian chocolate. This century-long legacy is distinguished by an unwavering commitment to quality and a unique approach to cocoa processing, from bean to bar. Renowned by chefs worldwide for its exceptional taste, Callebaut's journey has been marked by innovation in crafting exquisite chocolate. From the art of cocoa processing to the commitment to sustainable practices, Callebaut has consistently set the standard for quality.

For information about Callebaut's ‘Drop’ fluidity specification, please take a look at this helpful brochure.

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  1. Callebaut 811-NV Semi-Sweet Dark Bloc - 5Kg

    Callebaut 811NV Semi-Sweet Dark Bloc - 5Kg


    Dark 54.5% cacao, blend, 3-Drop.
    This replaces 835NV that is discontinued by Callebaut
    The Callebaut 811NV Semisweet Dark Bloc is a flavorful chocolate in the traditional bloc form! This chocolate is excellent for all your recipes that call for a semi-sweet chocolate with intense cocoa flavor. We think this chocolate has a flavor approaching a mild bittersweet. It can be used as a general purpose chocolate, and can be used for "thin" shell moulding and dipping. Three-drop fluidity, 54.5% cocoa content. 5Kg / 11 lbs.
    The 811NV dark bloc replaces the 835 bloc that has been discontinued by Callebaut. Learn More
  2. Callebaut Callebaut C811NV Semisweet Chocolate 5Kg Bloc

    Callebaut C811NV Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Bloc - 5Kg


    Dark 53.1% cacao, blend. 2-Drop fluidity.
    This 53.1% Cocoa Callebaut chocolate in bloc form is a general-purpose chocolate that is excellent for all your recipes that call for semi-sweet chocolate with intense cocoa flavor. We think this chocolate has flavor approaching a mild bittersweet. Moderate in viscosity, a wonderful chocolate for your favorite recipe. Also, it can be used for "medium" (rather than "thin") shell moulding and dipping. Formula: Belgian C811NV. 5Kg / 11 lb Bloc Learn More
  3. Callebaut Callebaut 2815NV Semi-Sweet Callets

    Callebaut 2815NV Semi-Sweet Callets 2.5 Kg


    Dark 57.9% cacao, blend. 4-Drop fluidity.
    Callebaut 2815NV Semi-Sweet Callets are a very fluid variant of the classic 815 semisweet chocolate recipe. With higher cocoa butter content and four-drop viscosity, Callebaut's 2815 is optimal for detailed molding and thin-shell molding, thin enrobing, and panning. This chocolate has a strong cocoa character for a semisweet chocolate with just a touch of vanilla. And you don't have to shave or break it into pieces because it's ready to use in "callet" (similar to a chocolate chip) format. Formula: Belgian 2815NV. 2.5 Kg / 5.5 lbs, factory packed in a zip-reclosable bag. Learn More
  4. Callebaut L60-40-NV Thick Bittersweet Bloc - 5 Kg

    Callebaut L6040 (L60-40-NV) Thick Bittersweet Bloc - 5 Kg


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    Dark 60% cacao, blend. 1-Drop fluidity.
    Callebaut L6040 Thick Bittersweet Bloc. Try a 5 Kg / 11 lb 60% cocoa cooking/baking chocolate bloc used by professional chefs all over the world! This thick-formula chocolate is excellent for baking, including cakes and brownies as well as flourless items. Though not suitable for dipping, moulding, or enrobing, this chocolate is great for fillings, ganaches, mousses, and decorations as well. We've also heard that it tastes great right off the bloc! Formula: Belgian L-60-40NV. Learn More

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