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The story of a family’s long love affair with chocolate, Bonnat Chocolatier began back in 1884 when Félix Bonnat opened his first shop in Voiron, France. Bonnat’s customers looked forward to tasting the Voiron “Pavés” (Praline Chunks) and other Bonnat specialities.

The Bonnat family chocolate tradition continues today, as can be tasted in the fine single origin dark and milk chocolate bars offered by Chocosphere. These Bonnat chocolate bars are made with only the finest cocoas, pure cocoa butter, and the highest quality ingredients.

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  1. Bonnat Bonnat Selva Maya Mexique (Mexico) 100g

    Bonnat Selva Maya Bar 100g

    Very balanced, fruity, intense and delicate. Dark 75% cacao, Mexico
    2016 International Chocolate Awards Gold Winner

    Bonnat Selva Maya 75% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate, Awarded the 2016 World Gold Award at the International Chocolate Awards.
    Originating from the deepest Mayan territory in the heart of Chiapas, the ancient cocoas that make up the Selva Maya tablet have been rediscovered after several years of research and adventure. Very balanced, fruity, intense and delicate, this chocolate restores the tastes and perfumes of the fertile lands of Mexico. Kosher-Parve, 100g/3.5oz per bar. Learn More
  2. Bonnat Morenita Dark Milk Chocolate Bar 100g

    Bonnat Morenita Chocolate Bar 100g

    Mexican cacao delivers an intense yet smooth milk chocolate. 65% cacao.
    2017 International Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner

    Bonnat Morenita 65% Dark Milk Chocolate is made with rare Mexican cocoa beans whose natural color recalls the warm tint of a summer tan. This beautiful color allows the manufacture of a milk chocolate with a high percentage of cacao while maintaining the caramel color that suits any milk chocolate. Very aromatic, in this chocolate you may discover light floral perfumes, spices and sometimes fresh mint before the flavors typical of cocoa envelop your palate. Kosher-Dairy, 100g/3.5oz per bar.

    Awarded at the World Finals at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards in London. Learn More
  3. Bonnat Xoconuzco Bar 100g

    Bonnat Xoconuzco Bar 100g

    Discover its rapturous aroma and exceptional flavor. Dark 75% cacao, Mexico.
    Bonnat Cacao real del Xoconuzco 75% Bittersweet Chocolate This is the first cocoa known to have been cultivated by man in a sustained way, from near the Izapa pyramid in Mexico. Cacao del Xoconusco was reserved for the Emperors of the Precolumbian civilizations to imbue them with strength and courage. For the first time since 1850 this cocoa is being utilized so you can discover its rapturous aroma and exceptional flavor. Kosher-Parve, 100g/3.5oz per bar. Learn More

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