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Belvie Chocolate


Belvie chocolate is a combination of Belgian technology and know-how, incredible beans from Vietnam and last but not least: their love for chocolate. The chocolate is handcrafted in small batches – the beans are stone ground and conched for several days. They only use the finest trinitario cacao beans, which are purchased directly from planters in different regions of Vietnam. Belvie's goal is not only to make excellent chocolate but also to contribute in the preservation of cacao trees in Vietnam. They do so by encouraging the farmers, offering them good prices for beans. The beans are sourced in the following provinces: Lam Dong, Dong Nai, Tien Giang and Ben Tre.

By producing the chocolates separately, Belvie manages to offer you different tasting and traceable products. Their eco-friendly technique of returning all the husk as fertilizer for trees, helps them maintain a green and fresh environment for present and future life.

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  1. Belvie Hao Moc 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Belvie Hao Moc 80% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Single-cru dark chocolate from Vietnam
    2017 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner

    Its taste is luscious fruity and special fragrant from chocolate. A taste that will leave a nice impression in your memory. Net wt 80g/2.8oz.

    Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award Winner in 2017

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  2. Belvie Black Pearl 80g bar

    Belvie Black Pearl 85% Cacao Chocolate Bar - 80g

    Limited Edition
    Single-cru dark chocolate from Vietnam.
    Belvie Black Pearl 85% is a Limited Edition bar. Along the banks of one of the 7 dragons (arms) of the great Mekong river, in the lush delta of the province of Ben Tre in Vietnam, the cacao trees of Mr. Nguyen's small plantation take advantage of the rich alluvial soil coming from the Tibetan Highlands to the South China Sea. These exceptional cacao trees allowed Belvie to make this rare pearl of chocolate with a rich fruity and spicy flavour. 85% cacao. Net wt: 80g / 2.8oz Learn More

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