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Bees & Beans

Bees & Beans is the brainchild of a pastry chef in Portland, Oregon who feels that honey is the ideal sweetener for unique gourmet confections. Bees & Beans offerings are handmade in small batches featuring the Pacific Northwest's prized local honey, butter, cream, and hazelnuts, coated in high quality domestically made chocolate. Packaging is designed with consideration of the environment. These are candy bars that you can feel great about eating.

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  1. Bees & Beans Mini Bar Sampler Pack

    Bees & Beans Mini Bar Sampler Pack 80g

    Three delicious artisan-made chocolate-dipped treats.

    The Bees & Beans Mini Bar Sampler Pack contains three of Bees & Beans' popular and delicious treats, artisan made with wholesome ingredients like honey, nuts and pure chocolate.

    Included are the 'Bert bar (filberts, milk chocolate, crispy rice & peanut butter dipped in dark chocolate), the Honey Bar Jr. (honey caramel & filbert nougat dipped in dark chocolate), and the Malt bar (malted nougat with chocolate malt crunch and dipped in milk chocolate).

    Each bar is individually wrapped and perfectly balanced between sweetness and flavor. Total net weight 80g / 2.8oz. Learn More

  2. Bees & Beans Lil' Mint bar - 20g

    Bees & Beans Lil' Mint bar - 20g

    A minty pick me up in just the right size.
    Bees and Beans Lil' Mint mini bar is the perfect size for a quick snack or for sharing with a friend. They fit just right in purse or pocket for when the mood strikes and the only cure is mint and chocolate. The 64% cacao shell is filled with hand-made mint cream fondant and just a touch of whimsy. Net wt: .7oz / 20g

    *only one piece per package Learn More
  3. Bees & Beans Honey Bar Jr.

    Bees & Beans Honey Bar Jr. 20g

    The perfect bite containing honey caramel, hazelnut nougat, dark chocolate, and a sprinkle sea salt.
    2016 Good Food Awards Winner! Premium sugar and dairy, fine chocolate and crystalline flakes of Jacobsen Sea Salt create the layers of Honey Caramel and Hazelnut Nougat. Learn More

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