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If it fits, it ships! – Terms and Conditions


The contents of the shipment must be physically small enough to ship in one of the special postal-rate boxes or padded envelopes. It is possible that we may send the package by ground, or select another shipping method, if that is the least expensive option. Ground shipping can take up to a week, depending on the shipping location. If it doesn't fit, we will contact you with information on other shipping options that will incur extra cost, and if we cannot reach you promptly it may delay processing of your order.

If products on the shipment come in an outer master box, we may remove the products from that master box if necessary to make them fit.  Individual product wrapping will of course be left in place.

We will include styro and gel ice at no extra charge if we feel it is needed and it fits.

We will pack into the smallest shipping container that your chocolate will fit in, to minimize our shipping cost and if there is chocolate breakage (with wrappers remaining intact), you have to be okay with it. After all, you have to break it to eat it.

This option is only available on orders shipped to mainland U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska addresses. Not available for the Chocolate Clubs. Also, this offer can not be combined with any other offers.

‘If it fits, it ships’ shipping is only available on orders placed online via the Chocosphere web site by the customer.

Shipping of "If it fits, it ships" orders may be slightly delayed from our normal commitment when Chocosphere is experiencing heavy shipping volume.

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