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Special Promotion Terms & Conditions

Important Information, Terms and Conditions for our "Free Shipping" Offer

Free shipping applies only to our "Value Shipping" service to U.S. addresses only (States, APO/FPO, Protectorates) and only to the "Qualified Products" as specified in the promotion notice elsewhere on the web site as long as the required Merchandise Total is met.  More information about "Value Shipping" can be found on the Shipping Information page of the web site.

Items on your order that are eligible for free shipping are marked as such only in the shopping cart display. The indication may be given after the required Merchandise Total is met, or in some circumstances may be shown even if the required Merchandise Total is not met.  There is no such indication in any other product display of the web site.  Regardless of the cart display, free shipping on eligible items is given only if the Merchandise Minimum is met.

If the order contains only "Qualified Products" and the required Merchandise Total is met, Value Shipping will be offered at no cost.

If the order contains "Qualified Products" plus other products and:

The shipment is going to the mainland 48 states:  The shipping cost for Value Shipping will be taken from our normal rate chart but based only on the value of the other products.  The shopping cart display shown before checkout will indicate the products that get free shipping, and the Value shipping cost will be figured only on products not so indicated in the shopping cart display.

The shipment is going to an address in Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO or a Protectorate: The Value Shipping price shown on the web site, if any, may not apply.  If the other products do not fit into postal special rate boxes, we may contact you about splitting the shipment. If we need to do so the other products may have to be shipped at our normal Priority Mail rates as shown on the web site's shipping rate chart.  The "Qualified Products" will ship free.

If the order does not contain "Qualified Products", Value Shipping cost will be based on the full value of the order. Our normal shipping rates and options apply.

The Free Shipping promotion does not apply to any other shipping method on the web site.  Chocosphere will not give offsetting credit against any other shipping method.

To receive free shipping, you must select "Value Shipping" as your shipping method. If you choose another shipping method, shipping charges will be calculated at our standard rates for all ordered products.

Due to technical issues our system may present "Free Shipping" when the order is requested shipped to a non-U.S. address.  If such an order is placed into our system we may, at Chocosphere's discretion, either void the order and void/refund the charge or contact the customer to advise paid shipping options.

Chocosphere reserves the right to modify or end this offer at any time.