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70% - 80% Cacao Products

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  1. Valrhona P125 Coeur de Guanaja 'Les Feves' 1Kg

    Valrhona P125 Coeur de Guanaja 'Les Feves' 1Kg


    Dark, low cocoa butter, 80% Cocoa, South America, repackaged
    After years of research, Valrhona's R&D department has developed groundbreaking technology allowing them to present you the first concentrate of chocolate, P125 Coeur de Guanaja 80%. Based on the exact same Guanaja's fine cocoas blend, Valrhona Coeur de Guanaja will give you the ability to boost the chocolate intensity of numerous recipes. In some recipes, the cocoa butter content in dark chocolate couverture limits the amount of chocolate useable. Therefore the taste of chocolate is not strong and the color is pale. Cocoa powder is added by necessity but it gives a taste and a color "naturally" less "chocolate". P125 Coeur de Guanaja 80% is now the upscale technical solution designed to strengthen the chocolate intensity of your recipes where cocoa butter is limiting, such as in ice creams, mousses, souffles and more. Please be aware that Valrhona does not recommend Coeur de Guanaja for molding or coating. 80% Cocoa, 34% Cocoa butter. Because recipes may need to be altered to take advantage of this innovative product. 1Kg/2.2lb. bag repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  2. Valrhona Araguani 'Les Feves' 1Kg

    Valrhona Araguani 'Les Feves' 1Kg


    Dark Couverture 72% cacao, Venezuela, repackaged
    Valrhona Araguani Bittersweet, 72% Cocoa, 27.5% Sugar, 43.5% Fat Content. Maximum Intensity. This Grand Cru Valrhona chocolate is made exclusively with Venezuelan cocoa beans, taken from regions from the coast to the mountains to achieve a unique taste. Criollos and Trinitaros cocoa beans are blended to achieve the right intensity of flavors, very long on the palate. Suitable for pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, enrobing, and glazing (icing). Available in "Les Fèves" disc format only 1Kg/2.2lb. bag repackaged by Chocosphere Learn More
  3. Valrhona Guanaja Bulk Squares 1Kg

    Valrhona Guanaja Bulk Squares 1Kg


    Dark 70% cacao, South America
    Valrhona Guanaja. Now Chocosphere offers individually wrapped Valrhona Chocolate Squares in bulk! Each bulk container contains 1 Kg / 2.2 lbs (approximately 200 pieces) of a single type of square, sold by weight. Treat yourself, or give an informal gift to your favorite chocoholic! 1 Kg / 2.2 lbs in a plain container (70% Cocoa). Learn More
  4. Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Six types of wrapped Grand Crus chocolate tasting squares
    Presenting Valrhona's new selection of "Grand Cru", best of the best, dark bittersweet and milk chocolate in an elegant presentation box! Inside each box you will find beautifully wrapped individual squares of Valrhona's classic "Grand Cru" chocolates:
    Tanariva 33% (Single Origin Madagascar Milk), Bahibe 46% (Single Origin Dominican Republic Milk), Manjari 64% (Single Origin Madagascar Dark), Alpaco 66% (Single Origin Ecuador Dark), Guanaja 70% (Grand Crus Blend Dark) , and Abinao 85% (African Grand Crus Blend Dark).
    Valrhona also provides a colorful guide to your chocolate collection, describing the origins and character of each type of chocolate. Indulge… or give one to your favorite chocolate connoisseur! 330g/11.64oz net wt., 11 squares of each type, 66 squares total per box. Learn More

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