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70% - 80% Cacao Products

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  1. Guido Gobino Madagascar 72% Cialdine

    Guido Gobino Cialdine Madagascar 72% Bulk 1Kg


    Dark, Individually wrapped. Repackaged.
    Made with cocoa from the Sambirano region in the north of Madagascar. Intense cocoa aroma with citrus notes. Repackaged by Chocosphere. Net wt. 1Kg/2.2lbs., approximately 180 pieces. Learn More
  2. Michel Cluizel Hacienda Mangaro Noir Mini-Grammes Bag - 3Kg

    Michel Cluizel Hacienda Mangaro Noir 71% Mini-Grammes Bag - 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 71% cacao, Madagascar

    Michel Cluizel Hacienda Mangaro Dark Couverture Bittersweet, Single Plantation, Cocoa Origin Madagascar, 71% Cocoa. Michel Cluizel's traditional couvertures contain no lecithin emulsifiers of any kind, and are now molded into "Mini-Gramme" format, smaller discs (about the size of a typical cookie chip) that make measuring and melting even easier!

    New higher cacao-percentage formula.
    Tasting notes: Biscuit, tart exotic fruits, gingerbread, hot cocoa, notes of citrus and pepper.

    Net wt.3kg/6.6lbs

    Learn More
  3. Domori Domori Single Origins Squares Assortment

    Domori Cru Single Origin Squares Assortment - Bulk 1Kg


    Dark 70% cacao, individually wrapped
    Domori Cru/Trinitario Single Origin 70% Squares Assortment Bag. For those who are looking for their favorite Domori Cru. Here is a great way to try them all and find your favorite chocolate. Each square is approximately 4.7g. Each type has an identity and personality of its own. This box or bag will be pulled from in stock squares at the time of purchase. These types may be included in the assortment: Venezuela , Columbia, Arriba, Peru, Morogoro, and Madagascar. Because of stock levels, we cannot assure all types will be present or will be in equal amounts. Gross wt. 1 kg / 2.2 lbs, approximately 185 pieces. Learn More
  4. Amedei Madagascar Napolitains Presentation Box 1Kg

    Amedei Madagascar Napolitains Presentation Box 1Kg


    Out of stock

    Stylish box of individually wrapped, Madagascan cacao single-cru squares. Dark 70% cacao.
    Amedei Madagascar Napolitains Box. Single Cru package of Napolitains, 70% cocoa. Origin: Madagascar. This chocolate comes from Madagascar to bewitch you with the magic of its dark beans and their full, acidic, subtly minty flavor. It will take you into a soft embrace that will leave behind the memory of complex aromas perfctly balanced between fruity and tasted nuances. 1Kg/2.2 lbs net. wt. of chocolate (approximately 198 squares) Learn More
  5. Domori Sambirano 72% Couverture Discs – 5Kg

    Domori Sambirano 72% Couverture Discs – 5Kg


    Out of stock

    Dark. Madagascan cacao. 72% cacao content.
    Made with a hybrid of criollo and trinitario cocoas, from the Sambriano Valley of Madagascar. This chocolate has intense flavor with aromatic notes of berries, cashews, pepper and cinnamon. It has a nice acidity, smoothness, and a very long finish. Net wt.: 5Kg/11lbs. Factory packaged in a Heavy Duty Re-closable bag. Learn More

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