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60% - 70% Cacao Products

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  1. Valrhona VLRHN-4655-3KG

    Valrhona Manjari 'Les Feves' 3Kg


    Dark Couverture 64% cacao, Madagascar

    Valrhona Manjari bittersweet dark chocolate is one of the very first single origin chocolates ever made! The blend of Criollo and Trinitaro cacaos from Madagascar yields a very aromatic chocolate, with an intense note of red fruits and a slight acidity. Manjari's unique flavor profile pairs beautifully with citrus and many other foods. Valrhona suggests this chocolate is suitable for Coating, Molding, Bar, Mousse, Cream mix & ganache, Ice creams & sorbets. 64% Cocoa, 35% Sugar, 40.5% Fat Content. Available in large bloc and disc formats.

    Discs now made with sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of soy.

    3Kg/6.6lbs net wt.

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  2. Cacao Barry Cacao Barry Madirofolo Single Plantation Madagascar Dark Chocolate Couverture

    Cacao Barry Madirofolo Pistoles 65% 1Kg


    Single-Plantation Madagascan Dark Chocolate Pistoles. 4 drop fluidity.
    E.U. Organic, no USDA seal
    In the north of Madagascar, the Madirofolo plantation is surrounded by tamarind trees which give the beans their unique fruity flavour. Very sour with a high cocoa content, this dark couverture chocolate reveals a certain bitterness and fruity, citrus notes. 4 drop fluidity suitable for molding, enrobing and tablet making. Certified Kosher-Dairy . 1Kg/2.2 lb net wt. Learn More
  3. Amedei 70% Madagacar Gocce Cioccolato 2Kg

    Amedei 70% Madagacar Gocce Cioccolato 2Kg bag


    Extra Bittersweet Dark couverture. Madagascar.

    Amedei 70% Madagacar Gocce Cioccolato. This single-origin chocolate comes from Madagascar to bewitch you with the magic of its dark beans and their full, acidic, subtly minty flavor. It will take you into a soft embrace that will leave behind the memory of complex aromas perfectly balanced between fruity and toasted nuances.

    The "Amedei for you" line is rich with Amedei's chocolate drops in their various flavors and packaging forms, any of which are ideal for professional use. The drops are perfect for adding a touch of class as a garnish to your desserts or for any of your baking needs.

    Net wt 2 Kg / 4.4 lbs Factory Packaged Bag

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  4. Guittard Guittard Ambanja Madagascar 64% Cacao Dark Chocolate Wafers

    Guittard Madagascar 64% Cacao Dark Chocolate Wafers - 12Lb box


    Out of stock

    Single Origin, Dark 64% cacao
    Guittard's Madagascar 64% Cacao Dark Chocolate Wafers are part of their Single Origin offerings. Guittard Madagascar is made with cacao from the Oro Verde Cooperative in Lamas, San Martin. The chocolate has an enjoyable bitterness and mildly acidic flavor with hints of savory spice. Bright citrus notes mingle with the flavors of under-ripe berries to produce an exceptional chocolate experience. Net wt. 5.45 Kg / 12 lbs. Learn More

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