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30% - 40% Cacoa Products

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  1. Guittard Soie Blanche White Chocolate Wafers - 3Kg Bag

    Guittard Soie Blanche White Chocolate Couverture Wafers - 3kg


    Out of stock

    White 35% cacao
    No soy ingredients, may contain traces.
    Guittard "Soie Blanche" 35% Cocoa Butter based white chocolate. Cocoa butter as the primary ingredient gives this white chocolate a smooth and silky melt-in-your-mouth texture with minimal sweetness. Pure cocoa butter flavor with a rich and creamy dairy note and lingering vanilla finish makes it an ideal canvas for almost any flavor addition. 3 Kg / 6.6 lb bag Learn More
  2. Valrhona Valrhona Dulcey Feves 3KG

    Valrhona Blond Dulcey Chocolate 'Les Feves' Discs 3Kg


    Blond (Caramelized White) Couverture, 35% cacao, blend

    Valrhona Blond Dulcey 35% cacao is a caramelized white chocolate made with pure cocoa butter. The color is "blond" rather than the typical off-white. This delicious chocolate has a smooth texture, and flavor notes of shortbread with a slight hint of salt. Some say the flavor is reminiscent of "Dulce de leche".

    Now made with sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of soy.

    3Kg / 6.6 lbs net weight.

    Valrhona Blond Dulcey is a very interesting Valrhona creation. Have you ever made a mistake in the kitchen, just to discover a new and delicious creation? That is the genesis of Valrhona's Blond Dulcey! Valrhona's chef Frédéric Bau forgot to clean the white chocolate out of his bain marie after a pastry class. When he discovered what happened, he discovered a delicious creation. The white chocolate had caramelized and he realized the potential of this delicious and inadvertent creation!

    Valrhona decided to go forward with this idea, but being Valrhona they wanted "perfection", and after eight years of research and development Blond Dulcey was introduced for all of us to use and enjoy!

    Learn More
  3. Chocolove Ruby Cacao Bar 3.1oz

    Chocolove Ruby Cacao Bar 3.2oz

    Fresh, fruity and tart notes, 34% Cacao

    Chocolove's Ruby Cacao bar is made from a new creation! It is not dark, milk, or white, but all new. In Europe this creation is known as "Ruby Chocolate", though the U.S. FDA has not approved such a designation for use in the United States.

    Totally natural, this pink colored bar is made without added colors or fruit flavors. Ruby has a smooth mouth feel and flavor notes that are fresh, fruity and tart. 34% cocoa content. Kosher-Dairy, Net wt 87g/3.1oz per bar. Learn More

  4. Guittard 'Soleil d'Or' Chocolate Wafers - 3Kg

    Guittard 'Soleil d'Or' Chocolate Wafers - 3Kg


    Milk 38% cacao
    No soy ingredients, may contain traces.
    Guittard "Soleil d'Or" 38% Blended Premium Cocoa Milk Chocolate Wafers. A very versatile milk chocolate, sure to enhance your sweet creations. Bold and rich with a caramel accent, fresh dairy notes, and perhaps a hint of cinnamon. Smooth and delicious! Try it with creme brulee, in a ganache, as a dipping chocolate or in candy making. 3 Kg / 6.6 lb bag Learn More
  5. Chocolove Salted Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar 3.2oz

    Chocolove Salted Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar 3.2oz

    The classic combination: Peanut butter & milk chocolate.
    Creamy salted peanut butter wrapping around premium Belgian milk chocolate. Perfect for when you want more than a common peanut butter cup. Net Wt 3.2oz. 33% cocoa content. Kosher-Dairy, Net wt 90g/3.2oz per bar. Learn More
  6. Chocolove Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

    Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups - 1.2oz

    Package of two milk chocolate almond butter cups
    Chocolove Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. Creamy salted almond butter in premium 33% Cocoa Belgian milk chocolate. Classic European chocolate gives way to silky smooth, real organic salted almond butter filling. Serves up a new twist on a classic American taste. Same great Chocolove taste - now in cup form! Net wt. 1.2oz / 34g. Learn More
  7. Callebaut Gold Callets Bag 2.5Kg

    Callebaut Gold Callets Bag - 2.5Kg


    Out of stock

    White chocolate, made with caramelized sugar and milk.
    Callebaut Gold Callets offer a new caramel taste from this premier Belgian chocolate maker! Made with caramelized sugar and caramelized milk, Gold presents intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and a touch of salt. Gold has a pale amber color and a golden shade. Packaged in Callebaut's "Choclock" resealable bag. Net wt 2.5kg / 5.5lbs Learn More
  8. Valrhona Blond Dulcey Bar 70g

    Valrhona Blond Dulcey Chocolate Bar 70g

    Creamy and Toasty. Blond 32% cacao, blend.
    Creamy and Toasty. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of freshly-baked shortbread with a pinch of salt. Kosher-Dairy. Learn More
  9. Valrhona Inspiration Strawberry (Framboise) Les Feves

    Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry (Framboise) Les Feves 3Kg


    Intense gourmet flavor of raspberry confit that melts & tempers like chocolate.

    Valrhona Inspiration Raspberry (Framboise) builds on the innovation of Valrhona's Inspiration Line. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Inspiration Framboise has the texture and tempering qualities of a pure cocoa butter based chocolate, with vibrant color and the authentic and intense taste of Raspberry, a perfect balance between sweet, tart and fruity. Just think of all the new creations that can be made with this innovative confection!

    Use Valrhona's Inspiration Framboise Les Feves (discs) just like any other chocolate couverture. Because Inspiration Raspberry contains no water, the flavor is pure and concentrated. You can make colorful and delicious moldings, ganaches, and countless other preparations. Enjoy a melting and mouthfeel experience like chocolate, with a powerful raspberry flavor.

    Now made with sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of soy.

    Be inspired! 3 Kg/6.6 lb. bag

    To get the most out of Inspiration products, view Valrhona's “INSPIRATION Tips Brochure” document. Includes tempering tips!

    Learn More
  10. Valrhona Satilia Milk Les Feves 12Kg

    Valrhona Satilia Lactee Milk Chocolate 'Les Feves 12Kg


    35% cacao Couverture, blend
    Valrhona Satilia Lactee milk chocolate discs are designed to be an excellent coating chocolate at a reasonable price. Valrhona designed Satilia Lactee milk chocolate to have optimal fluidity for covering bonbons with a fine and uniform layer, and this chocolate is great for many other uses. The taste is of high quality milk chocolate, with a hint of biscuit and slight sweetness. Cocoa 35%, Milk 21%, Sugar 42%, Fat 36%. Net wt: 12kg / 26.4 lbs. Learn More
  11. Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Six types of wrapped Grand Crus chocolate tasting squares
    Presenting Valrhona's new selection of "Grand Cru", best of the best, dark bittersweet and milk chocolate in an elegant presentation box! Inside each box you will find beautifully wrapped individual squares of Valrhona's classic "Grand Cru" chocolates:
    Tanariva 33% (Single Origin Madagascar Milk), Bahibe 46% (Single Origin Dominican Republic Milk), Manjari 64% (Single Origin Madagascar Dark), Alpaco 66% (Single Origin Ecuador Dark), Guanaja 70% (Grand Crus Blend Dark) , and Abinao 85% (African Grand Crus Blend Dark).
    Valrhona also provides a colorful guide to your chocolate collection, describing the origins and character of each type of chocolate. Indulge… or give one to your favorite chocolate connoisseur! 330g/11.64oz net wt., 11 squares of each type, 66 squares total per box. Learn More
  12. Cacao Barry “Lactee Superieure” Pistoles (Discs)

    Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure Milk Chocolate Discs - 5Kg


    Milk 38.2% cacao, blend. 4-Drop fluidity.
    Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure milk chocolate discs are on the "dark side" of milk chocolate, with a strong taste with just the right amount of sweetness for a milk chocolate. 4-drop viscosity gives plenty of fluidity for a range of applications including fine molding, coatings, pastry ganache, mousse, praline interior ganache, sauce, decoration, ice cream and sorbet. 38.2% cocoa, 22.9% milk, 38.1% fat. Net wt 5 kg / 11 lbs. Packed in a reclosable bag. Learn More
  13. Callebaut 845-NV Milk Block - 5Kg

    Callebaut 845-NV Milk Chocolate Block - 5Kg


    Out of stock

    34.1% cacao, blend. 3-Drop fluidity.
    The Callebaut 845NV Milk Chocolate bloc, 34.1% cacao, is distinctive with intense flavor, notes of caramel, and a full milky taste. This general-purpose chocolate is excellent for all your recipes that call for milk chocolate. Moderate-to-thin in viscosity (3-drop), it can be used for "medium" shell molding and dipping and many other applications. 5Kg / 11 lb bloc. Learn More
  14. Guittard Guittard Creme Francais White Chocolate Couverture

    Guittard 'Creme Francaise' Couverture Wafers - 3Kg


    Out of stock

    White 31% cacao
    No soy ingredients, may contain traces.
    Guittard "Creme Francais" 31% Cocoa Butter based White French-style white chocolate with a sweet fresh cream flavor, nutty undertones and a lingering hint of citrus. Adds a balanced, sweet dairy flavor to any recipe, and stands alone as an extraordinarily smooth white chocolate with a rich cocoa butter taste. An excellent choice for white chocolate frosting or ice cream. 3 Kg / 6.6 lb bag Learn More
  15. Republica del Cacao Grower's Choice 33% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons

    Republica del Cacao Grower's Choice 33% Cacao Milk Chocolate Buttons 16.5 Lb Bag


    Milk chocolate 2.3g buttons.
    Not suitable for enrobing or molding
    Factory package is a sealed translucent bag and varies from the photo.
    This is a pure "Nacional Fino de Aroma" blend created from the famous Ecuador Arriba and wholesome milk from the green slopes of the Andes mountains, rounded off with sugar from the coastal plains of Ecuador. Growers Choice 33% is not suitable for enrobing. Net wt. 16.5 lbs/7.5Kg. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 78 total

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