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Father's Day Gift Selections from Chocosphere

Let Dad know how much you love and appreciate him by giving the gift of fine Chocolates.

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  1. Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Valrhona 66 Chocolats Grand Crus Box - Dark & Milk, 330g

    Six types of wrapped Grand Crus chocolate tasting squares
    Presenting Valrhona's new selection of "Grand Cru", best of the best, dark bittersweet and milk chocolate in an elegant presentation box! Inside each box you will find beautifully wrapped individual squares of Valrhona's classic "Grand Cru" chocolates:
    Tanariva 33% (Single Origin Madagascar Milk), Bahibe 46% (Single Origin Dominican Republic Milk), Manjari 64% (Single Origin Madagascar Dark), Alpaco 66% (Single Origin Ecuador Dark), Guanaja 70% (Grand Crus Blend Dark) , and Abinao 85% (African Grand Crus Blend Dark).
    Valrhona also provides a colorful guide to your chocolate collection, describing the origins and character of each type of chocolate. Indulge… or give one to your favorite chocolate connoisseur! 330g/11.64oz net wt., 11 squares of each type, 66 squares total per box. Learn More
  2. Michel Cluizel 48 Assorted bonbons Box - 525g

    Michel Cluizel 48 Assorted bonbons Box - 525g

    Gourmet French Milk and Dark Chocolate Bon Bons in an attractive gift box.
    Michel Cluizel 48 piece Assorted Bon Bons. Each beautiful box contains delicious hand made French Chocolates by Michel Cluizel! Included are pieces enrobed in Milk and Dark Chocolate, with rich fillings to caress your palate with flavor. Click on the picture for a close-up showing some of the attractive chocolate pieces in the Ballotin, with tastes to match the elegant appearance! Net wt.525g/18.5oz Learn More
  3. Pralus Pyramide 500g

    Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques 500g

    Dark 75% single-origin cacao, Ten 50-gram bars
    A very special dark chocolate treat (or gift!). Ten 50-gram bars of Pralus’ single-origin 75% chocolate, each festively wrapped then bound in a cube. The stack contains one bar of each of the following varieties: Papouasie, Indonesie, Sao Tome, Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzanie, Ghana, Madagascar, Colombie, & Equateur. Plan your around-the-world chocolate-tasting tour today! Total net wt.: 500g/1.1 lbs. Learn More
  4. Amedei Selezione I Fondente 36 Piece Sampler Box 160g

    Amedei Selezione I Fondente 36 Piece Sampler Box 160g

    A selection of fine dark chocolate tasting squares.
    36 Napolitains of Dark Chocolate, crafted from six of Amedei's finest chocolates: Toscano Black 90%, Toscano Black 70%, Toscano Black 63%, Porcelana 70%, ‘9’ 75%, and Blanco de Criollo 70%. 36 individually-wrapped squares, 160g/5.6oz net wt. Learn More
  5. Michel Cluizel Ganache d'Exception box - 305g

    Michel Cluizel Ganaches D'Exception Box - 305g

    Twenty-eight dark chocolate ganaches are gathered together in a handsome presentation box.
    Michel Cluizel Ganaches D'Exception Box. Contains 28 assorted dark chocolate pieces. The chocolate in these ganaches come from five different cacao plantations (Riachuelo / Brazil, El Jardin / Colombia, La Laguna / Guatemala, Vila Gracinda / Sao Tome, and Mokaya / Mexico), as well as an 85% blend and a 99% blend. The dark chocolate from each plantation has its own distinct flavor notes that will make your palate tingle with pleasure, while the two blends will excite your taste buds with their rich dark chocolate. Net wt. 305g / 10.76oz. Learn More

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