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Father's Day Gift Selections from Chocosphere

Let Dad know how much you love and appreciate him by giving the gift of fine Chocolates.

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  1. Slitti Slitti 'Rusty Tools' Chocolate Gift Box

    Slitti 'Rusty Tools' Gift Box - 140g

    A perfect gift for your favorite handy person!
    Slitti Rusty Tools Chocolate Gift Box. Semi-sweet chocolate shaped like household tools, enclosed in a beautiful gift box. It makes for a great "Thank You" gift when your special someone completes one of those household chores. Minimum cocoa content: 56%. 140g/4.9oz net wt. Learn More
  2. Guido Gobino Assorted Selection Chocolate Box 180g

    Guido Gobino Assorted Selection Chocolate Box 180g

    Elegant box of assorted wrapped gianduja, tasting chocolate discs, and cremino chocolate treats.
    This Guido Gobino Assorted Selection Chocolate Box contains an offering of many confections that made Guido Gobino famous in Torino. Included are an assortment of Giandujottino & Giandujott, Cremini and Ciadine, packed in an attractive Guido Gobino logo box. 180g/6.3oz Net Wt.

    Giandujottino & Giandujotti are Italian confections that are a specialty of the Torino (Turin) area, made with a blending of delicious chocolate and IGP Italian Hazelnuts ground to the consistency of flour. They are creamy, smooth, nutty and delicious!

    Cremini included in this assortment are also an Italian specialty, layered chocolate cubes with gianduja and chocolate, giving intense chocolate and nut flavors with a soft texture.

    Cialdine are solid chocolate coins / discs. Learn More
  3. Dolfin 27 Chocolats Box 270g

    Dolfin 27 Chocolats Box 270g

    An assortment of minibars in 9 different flavors; Each minibar is 10g.
    Dolfin 27 Chocolats Assortment Box. 27 assorted 10g chocolate minibars with 9 different flavours: Dark 88% cacoa, dark with lemon&ginger, dark with pink peppercorns, dark with almonds, milk 38% cocoa, milk with speculoos, milk with caramel, milk with hazelnuts and dark with orange. 7.6oz/216g total net wt. Learn More
  4. Michel Cluizel Dark Hearts Bag - 250g

    Michel Cluizel Dark Hearts Bag - 250g


    Out of stock

    Filled with rich ganache (Matte Silver wrapper), Repackaged.
    Michel Cluizel Dark Hearts. These hearts are not made from just any dark chocolate – they're made from Los Ancones Dark Chocolate!. A dark chocolate shell surrounds a rich chocolate ganache filling. Each chocolate heart is individually wrapped. Absolutely decadent! Note: Bags repackaged by Chocosphere. 10g per piece. Net wt. 250g/8.8oz Learn More
  5. Michel Cluizel 15 Assorted Milk & Dark Bon Bons Box - 165g

    Michel Cluizel 15 Piece Assorted Bon Bons Box - 165g

    Ganache-filled Chocolate Bon Bons made with milk and dark chocolates.
    Each beautiful box contains delicious hand made French Chocolates by Michel Cluizel! Included are pieces enrobed in Milk and Dark Chocolate, with rich fillings to caress your palate with flavor. Click on the picture for a close-up showing some of the attractive chocolate pieces in the Ballotin, with tastes to match the elegant appearance! Net wt.165g/5.82oz. Learn More

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