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Chocosphere Gift Guide - Please read these important instructions

Chocosphere Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift with wrapping included? Chocosphere has you covered!

All of the products on this page are available with our complimentary wrapping service. All you need to do is tell us in the Comments section at Checkout the style of wrapping paper you would like and we will take care of the rest.

If the item shown on the page is pre-wrapped by the maker, then you're all set unless you want wrap on top of wrap. For all the other products that are not pre-wrapped...

To get complementary wrapping of these products, you need to specify one of the following: Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Red Metallic, Hanukkah, or Christmas.. If you don't tell us how to wrap in the Comments section at Checkout, no-charge wrapping will not happen.

If you choose this opportunity for more than one item, you can tell us the kind of wrap to use for each gift.

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  1. Marana Three Mini-Bar Sampler - 85g

    Marana Three Mini-Bar Sampler - 84g

    Single-origin Peruvian chocolate gift box, three 70% single-region cacao dark bars.
    The Marana Chocolate Sampler is an attractive presentation box containing three 70% cacao single-origin dark chocolate mini-bars, each made with cacao sourced from a different Peruvian plantation. Includes one each of Piura, Cusco, and San Martin mini-bars, and is an excellent introduction to the authentic chocolate tastes of Peru. Net wt: 84g / 2.97oz. Learn More
  2. Venchi Pralines Gift Box – 11 piece, 100g

    Venchi Pralines Gift Box – 11 piece, 100g

    Assorted pralines in a Gift Box.
    Pictured box is of similar design but larger than our 100g offering.
    A luxury gift box filled with an assortment of 11 beautiful and delicious pralines. Net wt. 100g / 3.52oz. Learn More
  3. Valrhona Degustation Grand Crus Eight-Cru Box 160g

    Valrhona Degustation Grand Crus Eight-Cru Box 160g

    A beautiful box containing 32 squares of 8 varieties of Grands Crus squares.
    Valrhona Degustation Grand Crus Eight-Cru. A beautiful box containing 32 squares of individually wrapped Valrhona Gran Cru squares, 4 each of the following varieties:
    Tanavira Milk (33% cacao, Madagascar origin), Jivara Milk (40%, blend) and dark chocolates Caraïbe (66% cacao, Caribbean blend), Taïnori (64% cacao, Dominican Republic origin), Alpaco (66%, Ecuador origin), Manjari (64%, Madagascar origin), Abinao (85%, African forastero beans) and Guanaja (70% cacao, South American blend).
    A wonderful way to sample the many flavors of Valrhona's fine Gran Cru chocolates! Kosher-Dairy (triangle K) Net weight: 160g / 5.64oz total Learn More
  4. Michel Cluizel Amandes au Chaudron 120g - Chocolate Covered Roasted Caramelized Almonds

    Michel Cluizel Amandes au Chaudron Box - 120g

    Reclosable box of chocolate covered Caramelized Roasted Almonds.
    Michel Cluizel Amandes au Chaudron are almonds roasted in carmelized sugar over an open fire in a copper cauldron. Then each almond is coated in the traditional manner with Michel Cluizel's fine dark chocolate (60% cocoa). 120g/4.23oz net wt. Learn More
  5. Guido Gobino Assorted Cremini Gift Box 110g

    Guido Gobino Box of Assorted Cremini 110g

    Gift box of assorted flavored gianduja treats, individually wrapped.

    Guido Gobino's attractive "Mini-Square" Box of Assorted Cremini contains colorfully wrapped cubes of delicious gianduja confections, which are specialties of Torino. Included flavors are the triple-layered Classico (Classic), Fondente (Dark), Caramello (Caramel), and the non-layered al Sale (with Salt). 110g/3.88oz net wt.

    Gianduja is an Italian confection specialty of the Torino (Turin) area, made with a blending of delicious chocolate and IGP Piedmont Italian Hazelnuts ground to the consistency of flour. Gianduja is creamy, smooth, nutty and delicious! The Cremini included in this assortment add a variety of extra flavors to Guido's gianduja to create an extra special treat.

    Learn More
  6. Michel Cluizel Grains d'Arome Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Coffee Beans

    Michel Cluizel Grains d'Arome Box - 120g

    Reclosable box of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans.
    Michel Cluizel Grains d'Arome are Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, slowly roasted and then coated in the traditional manner with high quality dark chocolate. Net Wt: 120g/4.23oz Learn More

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