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  1. Venchi  54-Piece Wooden Cigar Box

    Venchi 54-Piece Wooden Cigar Box - 5.4kg


    Out of stock

    Individually wrapped Chocolate Cigars in a wooden box.

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    In spite of what you might think by looking at the label, these chocolate cigars do come from Italy… "Cuba" Chocolate Cigars are known to be of the finest quality, just like "conventional" cigars from the Caribbean island of the same name.

    The assortment includes 18 each of of the three types of Venchi "Cuba" Chocolate Cigars: Tartufo Nougatine (with rich truffle and nougatine filling), Orange (with candied Sicilian orange peel with a thick chocolate ganache filling), and Dark (also known as Cacao Aromatico, with a dark chocolate Cacao Aromatico filling made with cacao from New Guinea).

    Each cigar is coated in dark chocolate and individually wrapped. A uniquely delicious treat! Note: May contain nuts or nut products. 100g/3.5oz per chocolate cigar. Net wt 5.4Kg/11.88 lbs of assorted Chocolate Cigars, 54 cigars total.

    Learn More
  2. Cafe-Tasse 5-Flavour Napolitans 36-Piece Box

    Cafe-Tasse 5-Flavour Napolitans 36-Piece Box 180g

    Assorted flavor individually-wrapped squares in a gift box.
    Cafe-Tasse 36 Individually Wrapped Belgian chocolate squares in a decorative box totaling 180g/6.35oz. The 5-Flavour Set contains; Milk (32% Cocoa),Noir (60% cocoa), Extra Dark (77% Cocoa), Milk with Coffee (32% Cocoa), and Dark with Coffee (54% Cocoa) chocolate squares. Learn More
  3. Suzanne's Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Hearts 6-pc Box

    Suzanne's Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Hearts 6pc Box

    A six flavor assortment of filled heart-shaped chocolates.
    A beautiful and delicious chocolate treat for Valentine's Day or any other occasion! This assortment of filled heart-shaped chocolates contains six different flavors: Cardamom, Raspberry, Strawberry Pistachio, Créme Fraiche, Passion Fruit and Mocha. Made with the finest authentic ingredients. Treat yourself and the one you love! Net wt: 1.6oz / 44g Learn More
  4. Venchi Pralines Gift Box – 11 piece, 100g

    Venchi Pralines Gift Box – 11 piece, 100g

    Assorted pralines in a Gift Box.
    Pictured box is of similar design but larger than our 100g offering.
    A luxury gift box filled with an assortment of 11 beautiful and delicious pralines. Net wt. 100g / 3.52oz. Learn More
  5. Michel Cluizel 15 Assorted Milk & Dark Bon Bons Box - 165g

    Michel Cluizel 15 Piece Assorted Bon Bons Box - 165g

    Ganache-filled Chocolate Bon Bons made with milk and dark chocolates.
    Each beautiful box contains delicious hand made French Chocolates by Michel Cluizel! Included are pieces enrobed in Milk and Dark Chocolate, with rich fillings to caress your palate with flavor. Click on the picture for a close-up showing some of the attractive chocolate pieces in the Ballotin, with tastes to match the elegant appearance! Net wt.165g/5.82oz. Learn More
  6. Valrhona Orangettes Box 130g

    Valrhona Orangettes Box 130g

    Out of stock

    An attractive box filled with dark chocolate covered candied orange peel.
    Valrhona's Orangettes in an attractive box filled with Orangettes, Valrhona's delicious dark-chocolate-covered candied orange peel. A stellar flavor combination that's sure to please! Net wt. 130g/4.58oz. Learn More

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