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  1. Amedei Selezione I Neri 12 Piece Sampler Box 55g (closed)

    Amedei Selezione I Neri 12 Piece Sampler Box 55g

    A selection of fine dark chocolate tasting squares.
    Twelve Napolitains of Dark Chocolate, crafted from four of Amedei's finest chocolates: Acero 95%, Porcelana 70%, ‘9’ 75%, and Blanco de Criollo 70%. 12 individually-wrapped squares, 55g/1.92oz net wt. Learn More
  2. Amedei Selezione Chuao 12 Piece Sampler Box 55g

    Amedei Selezione Chuao 12 Piece Sampler Box 55g

    A selection of dark Chuao cacao tasting squares, 70% cacao.
    Twelve Napolitains of Extra Dark Chocolate made from the finest Chuao cacao, with flavor hints of red fruits, cocoa and honey. 12 squares, 55g/1.9oz net wt. Learn More
  3. D. Barbero Pistacchiotto Piece

    D. Barbero Pistacchiotto Bag - 200g


    Out of stock

    Bag of individually-wrapped Pistacchiotto pieces. Similar to traditional Giandujotti but made with Pistachio.
    An attractive bag of Individually-wrapped pieces of ‘Pistacchiotto’, Sicilian pistachio praline. Think of these pieces as being like the traditional Italian IGP hazelnut giandujotto confection, but re-imagined with Sicilian pistachios. Net wt. 200g / 7.05oz, approximately 26 pieces. Learn More
  4. Venchi Chocoviar Mini-Metal Book Gift Box

    Venchi Chocoviar Metal "Mini-Book" Assorted 6-piece Gift Box – 115g

    "Garden Collection" design box of Assorted Chocoviar bon bons, three flavors.
    Photo shows larger boxes of similar design to the 115g box.

    A luxury metal gift "book" design, which opens to reveal a delicious assortment of 6 Chocoviar chocolates (two of each flavor):

    - Crème Cacao (milk chocolate shell filled with Gianduja and topped with 75% Chocoviar grains);

    - 75% (Dark Cuor di Cacao shell filled with an extra dark cream);

    - Crème Sablèe (Dark chocolate shell covered with milk chocolate pieces, filled with a vanilla-white cream and bits of gluten-free wafer, spiced with ginger and candied rhubarb.);

    You will receive one of the designs pictured, but we cannot assure which design you will receive. Total net wt: 115g / 4oz net wt. Formerly known as Chocaviar.

    Learn More

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