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  1. Planetary Design Table top french press - Mocha 32oz

    Planetary Design 'Mocha' Table Top French Press - 32oz capacity

    Regular Price: $46.99

    Special Price: $32.89

    Patented plunger press and ultra-fine, stainless steel mesh screen with a double filtration system that ensures an exceptionally clean brew.

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    Planetary Design 32oz Table Top French Press. They've revolutionized the French press with superior durability, heat retention and now the Bru-Stop press screen, so your coffee will stay hot, fresh and never bitter. No more replacing glass when you accidentally drop your press. Enjoy French pressed coffee at home, the office, by the campfire, RV-ing, van-going… where will you brew?

    A little info: French pressing coffee is the one of the purest ways to extract the flavor profile the coffee roaster intended. Be sure to use coarse coffee grounds, adding about 2 Tablespoons for every 8 ounces of water. Pour over with clean, filtered, almost-boiling water (nobody likes scorched coffee!) and let steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on strength preference. Press, pour, and enjoy!

    32oz capacity, Mocha color

    Here is a video showing how to clean your French Press:

    Learn More
  2. Planetary Design Airscape Turquoise Canister

    Planetary Design Airscape Storage Canister - Turquoise

    Regular Price: $26.49

    Special Price: $18.54

    Great storage container for chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, coffee beans and more!

    Not eligible for "If it fits" shipping.
    Planetary Design Airscape Canister. Most food storage canisters are “Airtight”, which means they lock air in with the contents. The Airscape® forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your chocolate, cocoa powder*, cocoa nibs, coffee, tea, flour*, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods, to keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too!

    Designed of durable, restaurant-grade stainless steel, the Airscape® canister body resists staining and odor retention. The BPA-free clear, top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container, and the inner Airscape® lid (also BPA-free) makes a fun “swooshing” noise as its pushed down, so you can actually hear it working. 7 inches high / 4.75 inches wide

    *When pressing down the inner Airscape lid, please do so slowly. This will help to prevent powder from clogging the screens. Learn More
  3. Chocosphere Chocolate “Chipper”

    Chocosphere Chocolate “Chipper”


    Handy tool for breaking up large blocks.
    Chocosphere Chocolate “Chipper”. A handy tool for breaking up large blocks of chocolate into pieces of a manageable size. The heavy metal tines can take on the hardest of chocolates. It also works well on ice. Learn More
  4. Guittard Syrup Pump

    Guittard Syrup Pump


    Heavy duty, reuseable pump.
    A heavy-duty, reuseable pump designed to be used with the large (7 lb, 13oz) containers of Guittard syrup. Can by shipped by ground all year. Learn More

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