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The origins of Valrhona Chocolate go back to 1922 in the Rhone Valley of France. Since then, their mission has been the creation of exceptional chocolate, utilizing the natural aromas of the various cocoa growing regions and in keeping with the traditions of the French chocolate making craft.

Whether you need Valrhona Cocoa Powder for your favorite recipe or their gourmet French chocolate to satisfy a craving, Chocosphere is proud to offer one of the widest selections of Valrhona Chocolate on the Internet!

Most Valrhona products are certified Kosher by Triangle-K Triangle-K Logo. Certificate

For an introduction to chocolate tempering, you may wish to watch this helpful Valrhona Tempering Video.

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  1. Valrhona Manjari Orange Chocolate Bar 85g

    Valrhona Manjari Orange Chocolate Bar 85g

    Dark Chocolate with Orange-Flavored Nuggets, 64% cacao
    Valrhona Manjari Orange bar has all the fruity, tangy flavor of Manjari subtly blended with the citrus sweetness of oranges. A blend of precious Criollo and Trinitario beans from Madagascar, 64% cocoa.85g/3.0oz net wt. Kosher-Dairy Learn More
  2. Valrhona Orangettes Box 130g

    Valrhona Orangettes Box 130g

    Out of stock

    An attractive box filled with dark chocolate covered candied orange peel.
    Valrhona's Orangettes in an attractive box filled with Orangettes, Valrhona's delicious dark-chocolate-covered candied orange peel. A stellar flavor combination that's sure to please! Net wt. 130g/4.58oz. Learn More
  3. Valrhona Inspiration Amande (Almond) Les Feves 1Kg

    Valrhona Inspiration Amande (Almond) Les Feves 1Kg


    Sweet and smooth Almond flavor, melts & tempers like chocolate. Repacked.

    The Valrhona Inspiration line is an innovative approach to flavor and texture using 100% natural ingredients. Super-finely ground almonds are married to cocoa butter, sugar, and a small amount of non-GMO soy lecithin to create a new smooth, sweet and nutty taste experience with no dairy ingredients (though this is produced in a facility that handles milk products).

    Inspiration Amande can be used just like any other chocolate couverture, and has the benefit of containing no water content and requiring less product than would a traditional fruit or nut preparation. This makes for vibrant and delicious molding, coating, ganaches, and countless other preparations. It can be tempered like chocolate, has a melting and mouthfeel experience like chocolate, yet has a sweet almond flavor. Think of all the possibilities! 1 Kg/2.2 lb. bag, Repackaged by Chocosphere.

    To get the most out of Inspiration products, view Valrhona's “INSPIRATION Tips Brochure” document. Includes tempering tips!

    Learn More
  4. Valrhona Valrhona Noir Orange Couverture Block

    Valrhona Noir Orange Bloc 1Kg


    Dark orange 56% cacao, blend, repackaged.
    Valrhona Noir Orange Block. Dark chocolate couverture flavored with orange. A tasty combination between fine cocoa flavors and the pervasive freshness of orange notes. 56% cocoa content. 1Kg package repackaged by Chocosphere Learn More
  5. Valrhona Caramelia Perles

    Valrhona "Les Perles Croquantes Caramelia" 1Kg


    Crunchy Milk Chocolate Drops. Repackaged.
    Valrhona Caramelia Pearls are a crunchy cereal filling coated with Caramelia, a delicious milk chocolate from Valrhona, with a distinct caramel flavor with subtle savory aromas and notes of biscuit. These tasty treats are particularly suitable for decorations such as on the surface of a cake or cupcake, and cold and iced preparations such as mousses, creams, ices and bars. As an ingredient or for decoration, they add a deliciously crunchy texture and chocolate flavor to enrich your creations. Chocolate cocoa content: 36%. Somewhat smaller than conventional chocolate cookie chips. 1Kg / 2.2 lb bag Repackaged by Chocosphere. Learn More
  6. Valrhona Milk Chocolate Caramel Ganache Eggs

    Valrhona Set of 36 Caramel Ganache Eggs 270g


    Foil Wrapped Filled Chocolate Pieces
    Valrhona Caramel Ganache Filled Eggs. These delightful milk chocolate eggs are filled with a delicious caramel ganache filling. Each egg is approximately 7.5g/0.26oz. A delicious treat for a chocolate connoisseur! total approx wt 270g/9.5oz net wt.
    Learn More

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