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Pura Delizia

Pura Delizia is a brand name which encapsulates their very essence: the purity of the chocolate they make and the enormous delight of its flavor, factors that are united by the pod, the precious fruit from which they get the cocoa beans, and by a special hazelnut, the delicately-flavored Tonda Gentile.

A family-run business, an enormous passion for chocolate plus the experience of the generations who have worked in this sector: these are the essential ingredients which make every Pura Delizia product something that is unique and of the very highest quality.

This is how Pura Delizia originated, from the cocoa beans, the basic ingredients scrupulously selected in their place of origin, then skillfully artisan-worked to become a bar, cream or filled chocolates enriched with IGP Piemonte hazelnuts, a classic ingredient of undisputed excellence. From roasting to tempering, Pura Delizia follows the classic process and keep a constant check on each stage, leading to results that have the unique character of artisanal quality, heart-felt passion and a family style. Tradition, in their search for only the finest ingredients, and innovation, in the way those ingredients are worked, blend perfectly to generate creations of extraordinary excellence: a pure flavor, superior quality, a few essential, outstanding ingredients for the full spectrum of sensory pleasure.

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