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Jouvay Chocolate

The word Jouvay (also spelled “j’ouvert”) is Grenadian patois. It comes from the French “jour ouvert,” or "dawning of a new day." At Jouvay, they are introducing a new day for chocolate making, reflecting their passion for exceptional quality, environmental sustainability, and genuine economic fairness.

To ensure that the unique, superior-tasting cocoa beans are transformed into unique, superior tasting chocolate, the farmers reached out to renowned American chocolate maker, L.A. Burdick. Together, they formed a partnership that is committed to producing rich, delicious chocolate, while preserving Grenada's unique, diverse ecosystem.

The flavor of cocoa is affected at every step in the production process. Because Jouvay controls every step — from planting and pruning the trees to harvesting and drying the beans to conching and tempering the chocolate — they can pursue their passion for perfect chocolate, and share it with you. Keeping the entire production process on the island also creates greater financial security for the hard-working farmer-owners.

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