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Guido Gobino Chocolate

Guido Gobino

We first discovered Guido Gobino and his wonderful chocolate on a visit to the 2004 “CioccolaTo” fair in Torino, Italy. Of course, we tasted many offerings made in the “chocolate capital” of Italy, but Guido's chocolates were especially impressive.

A visit to his shop revealed the passion and care Guido Gobino has for his chocolate. It shows in the quality, taste and attractiveness of his creations, made with careful attention by his chocolate artisans.

Guido Gobino's love of chocolate comes from his father, who started in the chocolate business long ago. The family tradition contunes with Guido's current offerings, ranging from Tourinot Giandujotto made in the old tradition to new single origin gourmet dark chocolates.

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  1. Guido Gobino Guido Gobino "Mini Foglio" Giandjua and whole IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts

    Guido Gobino Nocciolato Gianduja Bar – 300g ("Mini Foglio")

    Delicious Gianduja and whole Piedmont IGP hazelnuts in a large and delicious bar.

    "Mini" is definitely a misnomer here! Guido Gobino's Mini Foglio Nocciolato Gianduja (Gianduja & Hazelnut) Bar is a very generous 300g / 10.6 oz net weight, made of Guido Gobino's legendary Gianduja (milk chocolate combined with super-finely ground hazelnuts) and Italy's famous whole IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts.

    To assure the best taste and highest quality, Guido Gobino controls all phases of production, including perfect roasting of the IGP Piedmont whole hazelnuts and the making of the Gianduja. Jerry and Joanne have fond memories of visiting Guido Gobino at his workshop long ago and seeing all the care and pride he puts into his Gianduja! Learn More

  2. Guido Gobino Bianco Pralinato White with Hazelnuts – 55g

    Guido Gobino Bianco Pralinato White with Crunchy Hazelnuts Bar – 55g

    White chocolate bar with crunchy hazelnut bits.

    Highly energetic, attractive look and sweet taste. White chocolate filled with tasty crunchy hazelnut bits.

    Learn More

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