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Dagoba Chocolate, available online from Chocosphere.

Dagoba Chocolate company makes flavorful premium quality organic chocolates, many infused with exotic oils, fruits and nuts from around the world. Not only is Dagoba Chocolate sinfully delicious, but it is made with the utmost sensitivity to the environment and fairness to workers. Dagoba uses only the finest organic and non-GMO ingredients, and purchases the cocoa in their chocolate products from farmers who work in an eco-friendly manner.

All Dagoba products are also Kosher OU-D or KSA Symbol, and many are Certified Organic and Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance Certified. Dagoba's approach has gained high regards: Food & Wine's 2005 Tastemaker Award, "World's Best Chocolate" - CNN/Money, "Best Dark Chocolate" - San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Dagoba Pouch of Assorted "Gems" - Individually wrapped tasting pieces

    Dagoba Pouch of Assorted "Gems", 4.2oz

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price: $4.76

    Best Before: July 1, 2019
    Three flavors of wrapped tasting pieces, four pieces of each.
    Dagoba Pouch of Assorted "Gems", containing individually-wrapped 10g/0.35oz pieces are made with Dagoba's organic chocolate, delightfully flavored for a unique chocolate tasting experience.

    Included are three varieties:
    • * "Picante" with chiles and nibs in very dark 74% cacao chocolate, An homage to the spicy cocoa drink created by ancient Mesoamericans, Picante combines a rich bittersweet chocolate with nibs, vanilla, and chili to create an intriguing balance of bold cacao flavors and warm spice.
    • * Lavender & Blueberry in 59% cacao semi-sweet dark chocolate, blending sweet, wild blueberries with the essence of lavender Into a beautiful tasting dark chocolate.
    • * Ginger & Lime in 37% cacao milk chocolate,Taking inspiration from the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, the sweet spice of ginger and the citrus notes of lime are delicately incorporated into smooth milk chocolate.

    These "gems" are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cacao beans sourced from small, family-owned farms throughout South America and Africa. 12 pieces per pouch, four of each flavor, total net weight 4.2oz / 119g 

    With their new range of products, Dagoba Organic Chocolate supports the "The One for All Cacao Project", empowering women in cacao growing communities.

    Please note that Milk is shown as the last entry in the ingredients list of the dark chocolates included in this product. Learn More
  2. Dagoba Dark Organic Chocolate Bar 80g

    Dagoba Dark Bar 80g

    Organic 59% cacao, Blend.
    Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate Bar. A rich and full bodied rustic grown organic dark chocolate bar, 59% cocoa, for chocoholics who like dark with a bit more sweetness than found in the Dagoba Organic 74% cacao dark chocolate bar. 80g/2.83oz per bar. Learn More
  3. Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate Bar 80g

    Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Bar 80g

    Organic Dark, 59% cacao, Blend.
    Dagoba Lavender Blueberry dark chocolate bar. A uniquely wonderful blending of flavor! Dagoba’s signature rustic grown organic dark chocolate is infused with organic lavender oil and organic sun-dried blueberries. 80g/2.83oz, 59% cocoa. Learn More
  4. Dagoba Dark Baking Tablet 6oz

    Dagoba Dark Baking Tablet 6oz

    Organic 59% cacao, Blend.
    Dagoba Dark Baking Tablet… The Dagoba organic chocolate you love, now in a baking-brick format. Each tablet is made of 6oz/170g of organic chocolate. Perfect for use in your favorite recipes! 59% cacao. Learn More

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