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Alma Chocolate

In 2004, Sarah Hart started playing with chocolate recipes, creating iconic molds and painting them in edible gold leaf. She perfected these treats the hard way, through trial and error. Instead of enrolling in culinary school, she found an instructor to come to her home. Soon thereafter, Alma Chocolate was born.

The name Alma comes from Sarah's grandmother, Alma Hart. She taught Sarah to bake pies – and how to nourish others through a love of good food. Alma means spirit, or soul, in Latin. Combine that with the root word for chocolate, Theobroma, meaning food of the gods, and you've got one divinely edible concept.

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  1. Alma Chocolate Alma Chocolate Salty, Spicy, Sweet 10-pc Box

    Alma Chocolate "Salty, Spicy, Sweet" 10-Piece Assorted Bon Bons Box - 6oz

    Hand-crafted chocolates: Thai Peanut Butter Cup, Salted Peanut Butter Cup, Salted Lavender Caramel and Habenero Caramel.
    Alma's Salty, Spicy, Sweeet 10-piece box of assorted hand-crafted bon bons. Achieving that perfect balance of salty, sweet and and spicy is an Alma specialty. This box includes three Salted Lavender Caramels, three Habanero Caramels, two Thai Peanut Butter Cups and two Salted Peanut Butter Cups. Approximate net wt: 6oz. Learn More
  2. Alma Chocolate Alma Sea Salt Hazelnut Crunch Bar

    Alma Chocolate Sea Salt Hazelnut Crunch Bar 3.5oz – Chocosphere

    2014 Good Food Award Winner
    Dark bar filled with hazelnut praline, topped with candied whole hazelnuts and sea salt.
    Alma's newest bar is a love letter to the local producers that have made Portland, Oregon a creative hub for food. Alma starts with an organic dark chocolate shell, and fills it with a blend of 70% cacao dark chocolate from bean-to-bar maker Woodblock and house-made organic hazelnut praline roasted and ground in small batches. The bars are then topped with chunks of the same local hazelnuts(sizes of hazelnuts vary by bar. May be pieces instead of halves.), hand-candied this time, and finished with a generous sprinkle of Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Oregon sea salt. It’s a bar so good, one just isn’t enough. Two bars per package, total net wt. 3.5oz. Learn More
  3. Alma Chocolate Whiskey Caramel Sauce Jar 10oz

    Alma Chocolate Whiskey Caramel Sauce Jar 10oz

    Caramel sauce "spiked" with unaged whiskey.
    Alma adds a generous pour of unaged whiskey to their classic all-butter caramel sauce for a boozy, decadent topping for apple pies, bread puddings, and your spoon. (As featured in the September 2017 issue of Food&Wine Magazine). Net wt. 10oz/283g. Learn More
  4. Alma Chocolate Aviation Gin Lime Caramel Sauce Jar 10oz

    Alma Chocolate Aviation Gin Lime Caramel Sauce Jar 10oz

    Caramel sauce "spiked" with just a touch of Aviation gin and lime.
    Caramel sauce "spiked" with just a touch of Aviation gin and lime. Net wt. 10oz/283g. Learn More
  5. Alma Chocolate Alma Chocolate Caramel-Filled Mini Bunny 5-Piece Box

    Alma Chocolate Caramel Mini-Bunny Five Piece Box - 1.94oz

    Five bittersweet chocolate bunnies filled with butter caramel sauce.
    Alma's 5-piece box of Caramel-filled Chocolate Mini Bunnies. Five adorable golden-colored bunnies made of 74% cacao bittersweet dark chocolate and filled with Alma's rich and luscious butter caramel sauce. Since the filling is caramel sauce rather than a thick caramel, you might want to enjoy these mini bunnies by having one hop right into your mouth. If you try to bite into one and perhaps share it, you may have some of that delicious caramel sauce running down your chin! Approximate net wt: 55g/1.94oz Learn More

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